The Black Pocket Watch: a discreet and elegant piece

It is a popular belief that wearing a chain watch on a suit can make you look too "dapper", but pocket watch enthusiasts know that wearing a classic timepiece on a vest reflects a true art of living that combines elegance and refinement. Steampunk Pocket Watch enthusiasts are particularly fond of black pocket watches because they remind steamers and vaporists of the coal used to power steam engines. People looking for looks complemented by a pocket watch but in a more understated way than a London gentleman are also attracted to the metallic or raw black case. Sporty styles are also enhanced by matte and brushed black shades. The black pocket watch is actually a real all-rounder, for chic, casual or bohemian looks, the black pocket watch appeals to both men and women with a modern style.

The Black Pocket Watch: a modern-inspired jewel

Watchmaking has seen an evolution of materials in the construction of pocket watches since the early days of the first watch. The beginning of the Victorian era is the beginning of a great change in the development of antique jewelry. The motifs are inspired by nature, leaves, flowers, snakes ... From 1860, the style of antique jewelry evolves with a significant turning point due to the death of the mother of Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert aged 42 years. Queen Victoria was in mourning for her entire life. This event changed the trend of antique jewelry by dressing them in black. From event to event, from movement to movement, the pocket watch has taken on high technology and has been imbued with various influences. Watchmaking and jewelry combine to make these antique pocket watches modern watches with a case that is impregnated with the color of the various materials used. Discover our collection of black carbon pocket watches, which keep the authenticity of the first watches while combining the modern style of a colored material that brings a unique touch to your pocket watch.

The Black Carbon Pocket Watch: Elegant and Modern

The pocket watch is reinvented with new materials. The case as well as the dial and the chain are adorned with black for a modern and unique style.

The Black Pocket Watch dresses the case with new materials

New materials and alloys, such as carbon or titanium, have made their entry into the watchmaking world, which is constantly improving and challenging the aesthetics and performance of the first watches, proving once again the creativity of the watchmaking industry. Although often associated with mourning, in the field of fashion, black represents elegance, sobriety, rigor and mystery. The black that dresses the cases of gousset watches or their dials, goes with almost any outfit and enhances with style your warmest outfits or a pale color. Dressing many logos of major brands, the timeless black, whether mechanical, matte or glossy depending on its shade, brings class to your pocket watch. Carbon fiber dresses up pocket watch cases favoring the new modern trend of beautiful black watches. But not only the case ue the introduction of carbon fiber composites in the movement replace the alloys.

The Black Pocket Watch and its matching watch chain

The pocket watch is reinvented to please a public always on the lookout for novelty and modernism. Futuristic design finds its followers. The haute horlogerie manufacture has understood this, creating trendy watch models for a younger public. Combining antique and modern watches, black takes over the watch chain as well as the dial, which is sober and classic or richly decorated. The chain with its various links, shapes and models, is the key accessory that will embellish the clothing while holding the pocket watch thanks to its clasps in snap hook, belt slide or rings. Albert-T type, the black chain will bring an ultimate touch to your three-piece suit, vest or worn at the waist on a dress or pants. Snake chain, chain bracelet... the type of chain, its shape and its length vary. Thus the man will prefer a robust chain, the woman a finer chain, more feminine.

The Black Pocket Watch is defined in different styles

This timeless timepiece is worn in a unique style, as a pendant necklace usually for women but can be worn as a men's pendant depending on the style adopted. Connected watch or antique watch, wearing a black watch, such as a stainless steel case, carbon, finds its followers in the steampunk and gothic movement but not only. Indeed, by coming in different styles, the carbon gusset watch is a real fashion accessory matched with a chain of the same black color. The dial is also adorned with black for a sober and classic design.

Classic or Connected, the Black Pocket Watch evolves to the rhythm of the centuries

The black pocket watch is defined in different styles and can be a sports watch, luxury watch, retro style, classic or steampunk. Whether it is an open dial watch, a clamshell or hunter watch, a double hunter or double hunter watch or a skeleton watch, the pocket watch with quartz movement, hand-wound mechanical or automatic, is an analog watch where reading the time is a real pleasure. Timeless, it is at the top of technology with the new watch: the connected watch. With a digital display, the connected watch has several complications, chronographs that meet the demanding personality of the modern man, in search of high technology.

The Black Pocket Watch watch for a dynamic look

If the antique pocket watch is prized by collectors, who will buy a second-hand watch at auction for their priceless value, the new pocket watch, while keeping the retro style, reinvents itself in the color and style of the cases, for a contemporary audience, looking for novelty.

Automatic watches with a power reserve or mechanical watches with manual winding for the former, a quartz watch for the latter, the Black or the Wooden Pocket Watch collections are real fashion accessories that makes an original and unique gift idea. Wearing a black carbon gusset watch offers a young and dynamic look. Adopt a unique style with a new watch, a beautiful black watch that will delight collectors and those who want to change the vintage style.