The Open Face Pocket Watch: the first pocket watch model invented

The open-face pocket watch is a timeless, oldest pocket watch model. It was the first pocket watch model for the general public but its expensive price and very fragile glass made it a watch reserved for the wealthy classes. This style of watch was also in the 1880s, the watch of the railroad workers, who all had to wear a pocket watch in order to ensure the railway traffic in the allotted time slots. Nowadays, this ancestral timepiece is a luxury fashion accessory highly prized by collectors and enthusiasts. But what do we know about this pocket watch ?

The Open Face Pocket Watch: Technical specifications adapted to its history

An open face watch, or "Lépine", is a watch whose case has no metal cover to protect the glass. It is typical for an open face watch to have the winding crown located at 12 o'clock and the seconds dial, also known as a window or chronograph, located at 6 o'clock. 

The first Open Face Pocket Watch

The earliest pocket watches, from their inception in the 16th century until the third quarter of the 19th century, had key winding and key setting movements. A watch key was required to wind the watch and to set the time. This was usually done by opening the case back and placing the key on the winding port (which was placed on the watch wheel, to wind the mainspring) or placing the key on the setting port, which was connected to the minute wheel and turned the hands. Some watches of this era had the setting port on the front of the watch, so it was necessary to remove the glass and bezel to set the time. Watch keys are the origin of the "class key", a common paraphernalia for high school and college graduations in America.

How was the Open Face Pocket Watch worn ?

Pocket watches usually have a chain to attach them to a vest, lapel or belt loop, and prevent them from falling off. Watches were also mounted on a short leather strap or scarf, when a long chain would have been cumbersome or likely to catch on objects. This scarf could also serve as a protective flap over their face and glass. Women's watches were usually of this shape, with the watch strap being more decorative than protective. The chains were often decorated with a silver or enamel pendant, often bearing the arms of a club or society, which by association was also known as a fob.

The different types of Open Face Pocket Watch

The cases of Open Face Pocket Watch come in classic, luxury, fantasy, steampunk or vintage versions. They are made of precious or semi-precious metals or noble materials such as wood. In gold, silver or black, the pocket watch whatever its style has a unique and modern note while imitating the first pocket watches.

The chain, the essential of the pocket watch generally matches the case but in matters of taste nothing is established. Match or contrast your chain to the case of your watch or its dial. You could also choose a watch to match the color of your clothing to bring an extra touch of elegance and harmony to your look.

How to wear the Open Face Pocket Watch today ?

The open face pocket watch is worn with a double or single albert-T watch chain on all outfits and is chosen by the many collections, depending on her style and events.

How does the woman like to wear the Open Face Pocket Watch ?

The woman had a preference for wearing the pocket watch as a pendant necklace around the neck. However, women's clothing style today has evolved with the wearing of pants or suits which makes it easier to wear the watch with a single or double Albert-T chain. The woman also wearing the vest, the double Albert-T chain will be the most beautiful effect. With a blouse, the watch chain will bring an undeniable charm to your look whether it is for special occasions or for an evening.

The open-face watch, will reveal itself to the eyes of others, who will discover the dial on which the time display is a true work of art with its hour, minute and second hands, with indexes with Roman, Arabic or railroad numerals, and all the details (design and colors as well as the various complications), all worked with the greatest care. The Open-Face watch is reserved more for chic or casual outings. During physical activities, in fact, favor a clamshell or half-chaser watch to protect the glass from any shocks.

How does a man wear an Open Face Pocket Watch ?

The man, for his part, will opt for the open dial watch and wear it in a classic and luxurious style, to the vest, pants or protected in a case hung at the waist, the watch chain draping with style his outfit. If the woman likes the fancy and colorful watch, the man on the other hand will play on the luxury and classic combined with simplicity. A gold or silver case, or bronze, imitating perfectly the old watches. Silver will be preferred for ceremonies or official events for its chic and elegance. For a steampunk style, open-faced pocket watches are easily found in the steampunk pocket watch collection.

The Open Face Pocket Watch as a gift idea

The open-face pocket watch, which comes in different styles, can be worn with any outfit and on any occasion. It is perfect for an original and unique gift. Antique or modern style watch, the open face pocket watch is powered by a manual winding or automatic movement or powered by a quartz movement. The choice of caliber is unique to each as well as the design: skeleton watch, classic or connected watch, if it is for a collector or not.

The pocket watch chain can be easily changed to change the style. Men's pocket watch or women's pocket watch, depending on the model, the open-face pocket watch is often unisex. Accessories for pocket watches are also available in store to complete your present with class. More stylish than ever, the open-face pocket watch is worn with style and elegance without any false notes.