The Modern Pocket Watch: A timeless piece

The modern pocket watch plays with materials such as wood and steel for a unique and elegant case that appeals to both men and women. Usually worn on city and sporty outfits, the modern pocket watch is the watch of our ancestors brought up to date. An exceptional timepiece with decorations created by modern machines too delicate to produce a few centuries back.

The Modern Pocket Watch is an elegant pocket watch with a futuristic style 

At that time, pocket watches were considered as real ancient jewels. Watchmakers, made their timepieces, gold or silver and the latter were equipped with multiple engravings, as well as several precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires).

Nowadays, the pocket watch is still as elegant and refined as ever, but some of them adopt a much more futuristic style!

A stainless steel case, an unusual analog dial (hands), the modern pocket watch perfectly combines vintage style and the use of a 5 centuries old timepiece, while looking like a watch from the future!

You can wear it in the small pocket of your 3-piece suit or with your daily outfit, and this, in all simplicity.

Our Modern Pocket Watch are built for 21st century gentleman

If you are a gentleman who likes the latest trends, then this type of watch is for you!

In this collection, you will find pocket watches specially powered by the quartz movement. Unlike a mechanical watch (mechanical movement with manual winding) or an automatic watch (automatic winding), a quartz watch does not need to be wound regularly.

Easy, reliable and simple to use, it will allow you to enjoy the elegance of your watch, without worrying about its maintenance. By wearing this kind of watch, you will differentiate yourself from other people who wear wristwatches, the moment you wear it.

So make a style statement without delay!