The Hunter Pocket Watch : a pocket watch with a protective cover on the glass

A Hunter Pocket Watch is an open dial type watch but has a case with a rounded cover, which protects the glass and the watch face. Consisting of a spring hinge, the metal cover often by operating the winding push button. Its origin is for some in England where "fox hunters found it convenient to be able to open their watch and read the time with one hand, while holding the reins of their hunter (horse) in the other hand. But what do you need to know to buy a clamshell watch?

Learn more about the Hunter Pocket Watch 

The clamshell pocket watch is also called "hunter pocket watch" or "Full-Hunter". When hunting, the open dial gusseted watch was subject to shocks, thus breaking the protective glass. The idea was then born to create a case on which is fixed a hinge holding a cover. This cover is the ideal protection for the dial and the glass from scratches, dust and any shock during intensive activities. The winding crown is located at three o'clock for perfect orientation when the watch is in your hand and you press the button to open the clamshell to read the time easily. Some watches also have a clamshell on the back of the watch, often on skeleton watches, with double hunter watches, also called "double hunter watches". The opening of the watch is easy and the gesture of the hand holding the watch is of a true gentlemanly elegance.

The design of the Hunter Pocket Watch

The cover of the hunter watch serves as a protection, but it is above all a highlight of elegant, sober and decorative design. The case of its outer and inner part but also the bottom, is decorated with engravings with letters of nobility for the first watches, floral patterns, engraved photographs both inside and outside. The first lids were made of enamel beautifully decorated. These hunter watches are real masterpieces combining the art and know-how of fine watchmaking. Using precious and semi-precious materials, mixing old and new style, they are real jewels to enhance any outfit whatever the occasion and the season.

The dial: an aesthetic display where art is combined with watchmaking know-how

Decorated or sober, the dial reveals its display thanks to Arabic, Roman numerals in single or double display and indexes in the form of lines or points. The hour and minute hands as well as the small second hand are carefully crafted, driven by a quartz movement, either manually or automatically wound. The analog display is represented by Roman or Arabic numerals. Depending on the model of watch, different bezels in which complications, such as chronograph, date, power reserve. The dial can also be of skeleton type, revealing the workings of the watch mechanism, where you can admire the various elements constituting the watch and the movements of the mechanical winding.

The movements of the Hunter Pocket Watch

Like all pocket watches, hunter watches are driven by a mechanical movement with manual winding, carried out thanks to the crown of the winder that also allows to set the hour and minutes. There are also hunter watches with quartz or automatic movements. The latter are very popular with collectors who are always looking for antique jewelry of great brands, from the old watchmaking and are very interested in various auctions on the lookout for rare and unique antique jewelry.

Second hand watch, luxury watch or modern watch, the hunter watch is a measure of time that has a unique style in a beautiful watch where the old blends harmoniously with modernism. It comes in retro, steampunk, luxury and classic styles with chic and refined, fancy and sober designs. For women or for men or even for some models: unisex, the Hunter pocket watch is a timepiece that has not finished surprising. The case in various styles appeals to women who wear it as a necklace pendant around their neck. A real medallion, this timepiece reveals its display when opened to read the time.

What style fit with the Hunter Pocket Watch ?

 The pocket watch is linked with a watch chain, an integral part of this timeless timepiece. The watch chain will drape the garment with incomparable style. Single chain, such as the Albert-T single chain or the double chain worn on the vest to the pants or as a pendant necklace around the neck, the gold or silver chain will give the ultimate touch to your look. The choice to wear your hunter watch depends on your style and the occasion.

Wear the Hunter Pocket Watch casually

Casual style, even with denim pants, requires elegance and attention. A simple Albert-T chain or a silver bolt chain will look great. Attached to the handle of your pants by the lobster clasp, the chain holds the pocket watch that will be slipped into the special little pocket of the jeans. The hunter pocket watch is ideal for physical activities where shocks and falls could damage the watch.

Wear the Hunter Pocket Watch with a dressy style

The hunter pocket watch goes very well with wearing a classic chic shirt or pants. The simple Albert-T chain, in gold or silver, will be perfect to enhance your attire. When you take the pocket watch out of your pocket, the surprise effect will be assured with the elegant gesture that inevitably accompanies the opening of the hunter watch to read the time. The subject of inevitable discussion on the ancestor of the watch, on the design of the dial and case, on the mechanical movements with manual or automatic winding... The gusset watch which reveals a self-confident personality, is the starting point of pleasant meetings.

Wearing a Hunter Pocket Watch during official ceremonies

During official ceremonies, all clothing details and fashion accessories are chosen with the utmost care. Hunter pocket watch should be chosen from the collection of luxury watches for a classy style. Silver Pocket Watch will give a chic and more casual note. The set, chain and gold case, will be chosen according to his clothes and style. It will bring an elegant and refined touch to your look. The double Albert-T chains, in gold and silver, will be ideal with a vest, a suit. Women will opt to wear a hunter's pocket watch with a long chain, like a necklace, as a pendant. The watch, the ultimate touch of elegance, will match or contrast with the outfit.

The Hunter Pocket Watch combines authenticity and modernity for a unique refinement

Today's Hunter Pocket Watch retains the charm and style of the old watches while being enriched with modern technical advances and high technology. The new hunter gusset watches offer the possibility to men and women to wear them anywhere while remaining in the trend. The new hunter pocket watches offer men and women the opportunity to wear them anywhere while remaining in the trend. Mechanical movement with manual winding, automatic or quartz, the hunter pocket watch exerts a real fascination and continues to excite collectors who do not hesitate to go to auctions to acquire an antique luxury or vintage pocket watch, at exorbitant prices.Fortunately the new materials in which are designed the new pocket watches, such as alloy or stainless steel, which offer strength, reliability and beauty, make it possible to buy a pocket watch has affordable price.

Whatever your style (classic, luxury, vintage, steampunk) let yourself be tempted by the many collections of pocket watches with their matching chains, for women and for men and be classy and refined down to the smallest detail.