The Gold Pocket Watch: a chic and luxurious piece

A symbol of social status, the pocket watch was from the outset a timepiece reserved for the nobility. Gold is the precious metal used from the beginning of watchmaking and jewelry. The gold pocket watch adopts all styles of watches and gives off a special glow. Both men and women wear it with refinement in a chic and classy style. With its gold case and matching watch chain, the gold pocket watch is a timeless piece of jewelry that combines elegance and charm. The Silver Pocket Watch or Bronze Pocket Watch collection are also available on our website;

Our Gold Pocket Watch: Timeless materials

Gold is classified according to carats, the purity of gold is 24 carats. To harden gold, it is mixed with other metals, which changes the color of the resulting metal. Thus the mixture of silver and copper will give pink gold. Yellow gold will be obtained from a mixture of silver, nickel and copper. For white gold, nickel mixed with silver will give this shade related to silver. However, only rose gold was used in the first watches. The engravings, the punches were inlaid in the gold. The introduction of new materials allowed the mass production of elements for the manufacture of watches. From precious to semi-precious, watches were made at affordable prices, such as gold-plated. The old watches, unlike costume jewelry, have a hallmark that certifies their authenticity and guarantees against counterfeiting. The pocket watches, whether it is a second hand luxury watch, an old watch, a branded watch or a new dekollection watch, are produced in limited quantities and often have a serial number, a sign of its great value.

The Gold Pocket Watch, a pocket watch with great prestige

Gold is a sign of prestige, and goldsmiths produce high-end models in gold and steel. The collectors survey the auctions and snatch up antique pocket watches at a high price. Connoisseurs study the movement, favoring mechanical movements with automatic or manual winding. The pocket watch, hunter, half hunter, double hunter or double hunter, or even skeleton watch with a gold case gives a refined and classy look.

The case of the Gold Pocket Watch

Pink gold, yellow gold, white gold or white gold, the case with the precious alloy is a real chronograph jewel that brings an incomparable touch of brightness to your outfit. Matching the timepiece, the gold chain will drape the outfit with exquisite refinement. The dial is either simple and classic or elaborately decorated and will tell the time with gold or gold colored second hands. Some dials have Roman or Arabic numerals as well as dot or track markers with gemstone accents that will give the watch a priceless value and a very classy style. The watchmaking industry includes great brands, prestigious names with limited quantity models, such as Omega, Vacheron Constentin, Patek Philippe, some of whose models in their collection are true watchmaking challenges worthy of fine watchmaking and fine jewelry. With a high power reserve, complications from high technology, date chronograph, are prestigious watches that make the happiness of collectors.

The dial of the Gold Pocket Watch

On some Mechanical Pocket Watch or skeleton pocket watch, whether it comes in a savonnette, double-hunter or half-hunter watch, one can discover the mechanical gears animated by an automatic, hand-wound or quartz movement, the gears of the watch mechanism, crystals or set stones and admire the precious metal parts. Whether it is a gold watch, a collector's watch or a classic fancy watch, the materials making up the gears are solid and reliable although they will not have the same life span. However, these watch models keep a neat aesthetic with a golden steel that defies the original old watches on which are engraved the claws of the high jewelry. Antique jewels or modern pocket watches, these are timeless jewel watches, where reading the time is a real pleasure. A masterpiece of watchmaking, the pocket watch in gold or gold-plated metal, has a dial that is inspired by classic, vintage, luxury, fantasy or steampunk styles.

What chain to wear with a Gold Pocket Watch ?

A watch with gold, rose gold, yellow gold case is usually worn with a watch chain of the same color. However, the rule of not mixing gold and silver no longer applies unless you want to stay classic and match gold with gold. Thus, you can choose the contrast and wear with your pocket watch with gold case, a gold chain of the same shade or even lighter or darker according to your tastes. A watch chain comes in different models: single or double Albert-T type chain, belt slide, ring, with various meshes, different sizes and lengths. The choice of chain depends on how you want to wear your timepiece. Wearing a pocket watch with a vest, with a suit, a blouse or a dress, requires knowing how to wear a single or double chain depending on your outfits and occasions. In our guide, you will find everything you need to know to wear your pocket watch with style and elegance.

What style with a Gold Pocket Watch ?

The gold pocket watch is suitable for both women and men. However, the gold case is more suitable for a dressy style than a casual one, but then again, nothing is determined in fashion. The woman will wear her watch as a pendant around her neck with a watch chain or with a necklace or even as a choker, in a classic style, dressed up or casual. Men will prefer to wear their watch on the vest for special occasions or on the waistband for a less conventional and more casual look. Evening wear or daily wear, the gold gusset watch can be worn with all styles whatever the season as long as you like this precious material and adapt it to your outfit.

The Gold Pocket Watch, a timeless jewel

The gold pocket watch is a beautiful watch that is part of those original gift ideas representing a sure value. It is ideal for a birthday gift, a special event, a graduation. Complement your watch with a watch holder, a protective case or a gold pendant chain. From the collection of luxury or fancy watches, choose a timepiece that matches your lifestyle and take into account your individual tastes. For men, choose a mechanical watch with automatic winding or manual winding, with a complicated dial with power reserve, chronograph. If you choose, depending on your budget, a luxury watch in gold, rose gold or yellow gold, check the carats, or the number of thousandths, the series to be sure that it is a luxury watch. Vintage or fancy watch, from classic to steampunk, the gold pocket watch has an elegance that defies time.

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