Why do you need to change your Pocket Watch Chain ?

Your pocket watch comes with a chain that has the same fasteners, length and style for one model. This model is standard for each watch chosen. However, if you want to adapt your pocket watch to your style and your look, you can, with the models of chains offered in our store, choose the chain that will go perfectly with your outfit of the day or the one that will sublimate your outfit during a ceremony or an evening. Changing the chain of your pocket watch is like buying a new watch that will please and seduce you. The chain is the perfect accessory that will enhance your pocket watch while giving it a new and aesthetic touch.

Choose the right Pocket Watch Chain for your Pocket Watch

Depending on how you like to wear your pocket watch, choose the perfect chain for your pocket watch.

Albert t-bar Pocket Watch Chain for vest and buttonhole:

The classic Albert T-bar chain is used to wear your pocket watch with a vest or jacket. With your buttonhole, your pocket watch will be secured and the bar will stay in place. Attach your pocket watch to the other end of the Albert T-bar chain and store it in your small vest pocket on your chest or in the pocket on the side.

The Pocket Watch Chain belt buckle for the waist and pants:

The belt buckle gusset watch chain, as the name implies it attaches to either your belt buckle or the top of your pants to securely fasten your gusset watch. Then place your chain watch in your pocket for a chic, trendy and classic look.

The ring chain to secure the pocket watch to the vest, belt and pants:

The ring pocket watch chain is used to secure your pocket watch to your belt, vest or pants for a secure attachment of your pocket watch. Versatile, use the ring watch chain to attach to the buttonhole of your vest.

Our aesthetic Pocket Watch Chain will enhances your gentleman style

The vintage design of our Pocket Watch Chain will easily matches the case of your pocket watch, while highlighting the openwork or uniform clasp and back. On a pocket watch without a clasp, the dial with its analog display and Roman or Arabic numerals, pointed by second hands, will be enhanced by the luxurious and antique bronze chain.

The refined style of our Pocket Watch Chain

Our antique and vintage Pocket Watch Chain will look great with your chic and dressy gentleman outfits. Shopping different Pocket Watch Chain will allow you to change your style every day without necessarily changing your pocket watch. Mix our wide variety of Antique Pocket Watch Chain with our Gold Pocket Watches, Silver or Bronze and adopt new differents classy style everyday.

High quality with affordable prices, our Pocket Watch Chain are the perfect complementary accessories to have for every Pocket Watches's owner.