Double Hunter Pocket Watch

The Double Hunter Pocket Watch: a pocket watch with two protective case

The double clamshell pocket watch is a perfect watch for a special event, a chic evening. Its design is similar to the hunter pocket watch with the addition of a second flap opening on the back of the pocket watch, revealing the workings of the watch mechanism. Let's take a closer look at this unique and refined watch model.

The double flap pocket watch; a pocket watch called "double-hunter" by english speakers

The main characteristic of the double-hunter watch is the possibility to admire, both on the front and on the back, all the gears driven by the mechanical, automatic or quartz winding when you press the winder. Consisting of two carefully crafted clappers with a classic and sober design or inlaid with decorative engravings, plain or in color.

The customizable Double Hunter Pocket Watch

These claps can be personalized with photos, inscriptions, such as names or dates related to significant events in life (graduation, retirement ...). Both clappers can be solid with a smooth and sober surface or decorated with various themes. Generally, the back is solid and the front cover is open in the middle, half hunter type, revealing through a transparent glass the dial and the analog time display, without having to open the cover, or hunter type with a solid cover. The double hunter gusset watch opens on both sides and can be placed on a desk to become an original portable mini clock.

The watch movement of the Double Hunter Pocket Watch

To open the double hunter gousset watch, simply press the crown located at 12 o'clock to reveal the dial with dot or line indexes. The dial can be solid or skeletonized, revealing the gears of the watch mechanism. Powered by a manual winding movement or an automatic winding movement, the double hunter gusset watch, like all watches, is also powered by a quartz movement.

The Double Hunter Pocket Watch is a true art of living

Wearing a pocket watch is worthy of a gentleman. This timeless timepiece reveals an art of living, which exudes the charm of an antique watch and the elegance of wearing it with style and true craftsmanship. Men's or women's gusset watches are real jewels and fashion accessories, some of which come from the finest watchmaking and famous brands and are sold at auction and prized by collectors. Modern watches are inspired by ancient watches to keep the authenticity of the first models, while bringing the performance of modern high technology.

Mix elegance and refinement with the Double Hunter Pocket Watch

Very sought after mainly by men, the gusset watches with manual or automatic winding movement are beautiful watches that are very successful. The woman as for her, will have as first criteria of choice, the design and the quality. Very concerned about following the fashion, the woman will opt for models with semi-precious materials that cost less in order to have several styles to wear them with different outfits in various occasions.

The Double Hunter Pocket Watch is like a social link

It's all about the gesture and the style. The chain that drapes the suit or dress is a chic note that is a fashion accessory in itself. Taking the pocket watch hanging on the chain is done in a natural gesture, slow, with lightness, almost theatrical. This simple gesture attracts attention. Press the winding crown to read the time and offer the watch masterpiece for all to see. Original and unique, your pocket watch will surprise, question and seduce. This is the beginning of a friendly and enjoyable discussion about your double hunter pocket watch.

With what style to wear the Double Hunter Pocket Watch with ?

For men or women, the double hunter gusset watch comes in different styles, so it fits all your outfits, whatever the occasion: everyday or during specific events.

Steamers and vaporists, followers of steampunk, will find their happiness in collections of steampunk gusset watches, such as a steampunk gusset watch reproducing a navigation bar on the front sofa.

For a refined and elegant style, opt for a luxury gusset watch that will be ideal to enhance your vest with a double chain or your dress with a single chain around the neck as a pendant. Gold and silver among others for precious materials, stainless steel and other semi precious but very good quality materials for watches at affordable prices, whatever your budget, the pocket watch remains a timeless fashion accessory, loaded with history and is worn with elegance today more than yesterday.

Chic and casual with a shirt and jeans, the gusset watch can be worn with a single or double chain with lobster clasps and belt slide, depending on your preference. For the office, a night out with friends, the double-Hunter pocket watch is perfect to boost your style and stand out in an original and unique way. Indeed, it is unlikely that you will meet someone who would own the same timepiece as you.

Adopting the vintage style is a real return to the source. Aged bronze or polished silver color dresses up the watch case which is usually complemented by a chain in the same colors. Very easy to wear for the woman who wears it as a pendant necklace with a chain of different lengths depending on her outfit. On a sweater or dress sober, prefer a long chain like sautoir. On a neckline, wear your gusset watch as a medallion with a short chain version. Choose from the double claps gusset watch collection according to the feminine or masculine model that best suits your tastes.

What color to choose with the Double Hunter Pocket Watch ?

The color of a watch depends on the material used: white gold, rose gold, young gold, gold-plated, alloy ... Silver color and gold color are the most classic colors. However, other colors are taking over the cases, such as black with carbon. More and more cases of pocket watches are made of wood and give a unique and original style. The dial, plain or engraved with ornaments, will be highlighted in a case designed in a noble material. Sometimes in limited series, the wooden gusset watch is also a true masterpiece of fine watchmaking, which enters into a concept of ecology.

The Double Hunter Pocket Watch: A unique and original gift idea

Some models of pocket watches allow you to personalize your watch with an inscription of your choice: a date, a word, a quote or a photo. If after the appearance of wristwatches, pocket watches had experienced a decline, they are now a fashion accessory in their own right that has kept its authenticity while adorning itself with modern and chic touches, also combining performance and high technology. From the fancy watch to the collector's watch, including luxury watches or antique watches, buying a pocket watch is a quality investment in fine watchmaking, and above all a guarantee of good taste, worthy of a gentleman.

To offer, you will find gift boxes in which a mechanical or quartz pocket watch. The double hunter pocket watch is an original and unique gift idea for any occasion and fashion, from retro to modern style, not to mention steampunk style. If it can be worn on any occasion depending on its style, the double-hunter pocket watch is however, a model that is perfectly suited to official ceremonies and chic evenings.