Vintage Pocket Watch

Our Pocket Watches will take you back in time for a Classy & Gentleman style

Vintage Pocket Watch is your store specially dedicated to pocket watches.

Our mission is to bring this emblematic accessory of elegance and class up to date.

With Vintage Pocket Watch, you will find the perfect watch for your pocket. Vintage, Mechanical, Steampunk, there is a style for everyone !

Vintage Pocket Watch Story

Vintage Pocket Watch

It all started with the birth of a collaboration between watch lovers, watchmaking and more precisely pocket watches.

On our website, the pocket watch is not only a fashion accessory, but a true reflection of your personality.

For this reason, each of them has been carefully designed for those who seek to assert their style with elegance and refinement.

Moreover, they will inspire you with confidence and motivation to finally become the best version of yourself at every occasion.

The Pocket Watch : A Timeless Accessory

Owing a pocket watch is like entering history by wearing a fashion accessory, which has stood the test of time with elegance and distinction. It will give your outfit, a touch of style and make you, a true gentleman of the 21ᵉ century.

By exploring our collection of Pocket Watches, you will most certainly discover, the timepiece that will best suit your desires , your needs and most importantly your personality.

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While women still wore their watches as necklaces, men wore them in a small pocket, which they had sewn onto their three-piece suits. Nowadays, in addition to the fact of reading the time with it, the pocket watch brings a real touch of style to the one who wears it.

For men or women, vintage, steampunk or antique style, this timepiece adapts to all looks and desires. If you are getting ready to own your first pocket watch, you will be pleasantly surprised by the elegance and refinement that this type of watch provides.

Which material would you choose ?
'All our pieces are manufactured following watchmaker's know-how and craftsmanship'

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