The Pocket Watch Necklace: A watch pendant to wear around the neck

A necklace watch is like its younger sister the pocket watch, both have a chain but the necklace watch, or sautoir watch has the particularity of having the weight of the case adapted to wear as a pendant. Often adulated by women who see an opportunity to perfect their look, to highlight a neckline or a small summer dress. The necklace watch keeps its primary function of telling the time, but the beauty of the clapper, often engraved, colored, shiny or patterned, makes it a unique, chic and trendy object.

The Pocket Watch Necklace is a real little fashionable clock 

A portable clock that has become a fashion accessory that we like to wear with the seasons more for its aestheticism than for its utility. Even if its dial with analog display with Roman or Arabic numerals depending on the model is little looked at from the inside, under its glass, a real mechanism with toothed gears turns ceaselessly with the help of its chronograph seconds to give the time to the second. Like the larger pocket watch with its automatic mechanism and manual winding, the women's necklace watches have a quartz movement and run on a small battery that can be easily replaced. 

Choose between a wide variety of Pocket Watch Necklace

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