The Silver Pocket Watch: a modern and elegant pocket watch

Silver pocket watches are the must-have watch models among watches with precious materials. Keeping the look of the first watch, the silver watch is a real jewel that can be worn on all occasions and in all seasons. Anchor of the watch, it has been able to adapt to new materials while keeping its authenticity, impregnating itself with modern, chic and refined notes. For men and women, the silver pocket watch is part of the collection of watches with a chic and refined design that has not finished surprising and seducing us.

The democratization of the Silver Pocket Watch

The first gusset watches were made of precious materials and were handcrafted, which reduced the number of watches and explained the high price. Sign of social status, the pocket watch was reserved only for the nobility until the use of changeable parts. In 1857, the American Watch Company of Waltham, Massachusetts, introduced the Waltham 57 model, the first to use interchangeable parts. This reduced manufacturing and repair costs. Most Model 57 pocket watches were made of numismatic ("one nine fine") silver, a 90% pure silver alloy commonly used in dollar coins, slightly less pure than British sterling silver (92.5%), both of which eschewed the higher purity of other types of silver to make circulating coins and other utilitarian silver objects last longer under heavy use.

Pocket Watch from this collection are adorned with silver for a unique style

After a decline with the advent of wrist watches, the pocket watch is making a comeback, worn as a classic on the vest or as a jewel, as a pendant necklace around the neck. Antique or modern watches, these timepieces are chronographs very popular with men but also with women. In silver, the case dresses the pocket watch and its inevitable chain with shiny or matte notes highlighting the dial. The dial follows the style of the watch, with ornaments, floral or animal motifs and various themes and colors. Fancy or luxury, the dial is often black or white to highlight the indexes. The analog display allows the time to be read thanks to Roman numerals or Arabic numerals or to the railroad markers, with lines or dots, all generally engraved or inlaid with the black color to enhance the case.

The Silver Pocket Watch comes in different movements

Antique watches usually have a mechanical or self-winding movement, which starts with the wearer's movements. Unlike the automatic or hand-wound watch, the quartz pocket watch runs on a battery, which is changed every two years or more. These are the watches that women are most looking for, who will focus on aesthetics and practicality as their primary criteria of choice, liking to accessorize their jewelry with each of their outfits. She opts for several models of watches, retro art-deco style, steampunk style or fantasy rather than a single model of luxury and classic brand, unlike men. Universal time grade, the pocket watch with white or black dial and silver case will be ideal to sublimate all your outfits.

A Silver Case for different styles of pocket watches

The pocket watch comes in different styles with the open dial watch, the hunter gousset watch, the half hunter gousset watch, the double hunter gousset watch. Made of various materials, the gousset watch is adorned with silver in modern and classic cases. The silver collection of gousset watches comes in a variety of shapes, with beautiful watches in precious metals or cheap alloys, for all types of watches, whether men's or women's watches. 



This pocket watch has a case whose bezel holds the transparent glass through which it is easy to read the time. The hour, minute and second hands make their regular rounds (towards Arabic or Roman numerals as well as the railway or dot indexes), driven by a mechanical movement with manual, automatic or quartz winding. The silver case is highlighted by the design of the dial. The watch is worn as a pendant necklace by women, but it is also worn by men, during chic moments or at the office. Even if the man will wear more his pocket watch hung by a chain to the waist or in a classic way to the vest or the shirt.


This type of watch has a flap to protect the glass. To read the time, you must press the winding button to open the clapper. This watch has a charm that the open dial watch does not have: it is the elegant gesture of opening and revealing the dial, protected by a mineral glass.


A timepiece with two flaps that often open on a skeleton watch, the double-hunter gusset watch lets you admire the inner workings of the watch movement. This watch acts as a mini-clock that sits on a desk in incomparable style.


Based on the principle of the hunter watch, the half-hunter pocket watch has an opening in the front clasp that allows you to read the time without having to sharpen the clasp. Rihement decorated, this timepiece is dressed in gold and silver for exceptional models. Just like the first watches, these original watches are sought after at auctions, especially when they are luxury watches with various complications (date, power reserve, etc.)

Wearing a Silver Pocket Watch is an art

This original and timeless timepiece requires a certain elegance while exuding a discreet and sure charm. It reveals a strong male and female personality, confident in their choice. Wearing it with all styles, it is necessary however, to know one's style, to know which pocket watch to wear on certain occasions to be always at the top of the fashion whatever the seasons.


Although gold pocket watch models are a sign of wealth and luxury, a beautiful silver watch worn as a pendant necklace around the neck or worn on the vest or waistband, exudes a refined and classy look with a formal or evening outfit. The golden color of gold or gold-plated is no longer the only color of jewelry worn on special occasions, the silver color sublimates as much, the outfits of a chic and elegant note.


The pocket watch revealing an ancient watchmaking art harmonizes perfectly with the vintage style. This timeless timepiece has been able to adapt to the different periods of history throughout the evolution of watchmaking, taking on the movements and trends of each era. The vintage style has been able to keep the authenticity of the watches with the new watches and adorns all women's outfits, whatever the occasion, chic, dressy, casual or conventional. To follow the vintage style, collectors will buy an antique watch with a mechanical movement, forgetting about wristwatches and modern connected watches. In dressy and casual wear, the pocket watch chain will drape the shirt or pants with style and surprise when you take your pocket watch from your silver pocket, to read the time. The art-deco craze amplifies the interest in the gusset watch, which is worn with class.

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The pocket watch, ancestor of the watch, was a sign of social status and an ancient jewel transmitted from generation to generation. Although fashion accessories, today's pocket watches also reveal an art of living that differs from wearing a watch on the wrist. An original gift idea, the silver metal pocket watch is suitable for marking a special event such as graduation or retirement or a birthday for a gentleman. With its silver chain matching the case, this fashion accessory is timeless. A jewel watch, the silver gousset watch is unisex despite collections dedicated to women and men. The ultimate in refinement, the silver pocket watch is suitable for all styles whatever the time or season.