Meet our refined selection of Pocket Watch Pouch

To wear the pocket watch without a chain, the pocket watch case is the ideal accessory to hang on the belt thanks to its ance sewn in the back.

Usually made of leather, the case can be worn by both men and women and offers a charming and elegant look. Some cases can be personalized for a special gift.

The Pocket Watch Pouch is ideal to store your pocket watch 

Use this case to store your pocket watch. Its soft velvet finish protects your timepiece from scratches and marks. The bag comes with a drawstring to secure its contents

Our Pocket Watch Pouch fits all styles

Black or brown, the pocket watch case suits all styles and is a very practical fashion accessory for everyday wear or for intense activities or sports. Ideal to protect your pocket watch from any weather.

Our Pocket Watch Pouch are made from high quality leather

Made with very good quality and an excellent quality/price ratio, the chain of pocket watch and the case for pocket watch are trendy and useful accessories while offering an aestheticism as well in their material and style as in the gesture to leave your pocket watch of its case...

Our Pocket Watch Pouch allow you to wear your timeless pieces another way

Our cases are primarily designed to be worn on a belt, but it is also possible to hang it directly from your pocket watch chain to protect your watch in your pocket or hanging.

Our customers speak about their Pocket Watch Pouch

With more than 3,00°+ Satisfied Clients, our Pocket Watch's specialized store is proud to offer you affordable and qualitative Pocket Watch and Pocket Watch Accessories

"Great for belt and watch protection (which is actually a Brummell of a pocket watch!). The snap is convenient for hanging the case on the belt. However, you have to be careful not to get hung up or else the button will let go and everything will fall off! But with a watch chain attached to the belt (from the Vintage Pocket Watch too!), more fear than harm! Thank you!"

Features of our Pocket Watch Pouch 

✔ Keep your pocket watch safe
✔ Convenient to carry
✔ Perfect for gifting
✔ Free worldwide shipping