The Half Hunter Pocket Watch with a protective flap open in the middle

 Until the second half of the 18th century, pocket watches were luxury accessories, reserved exclusively for the bourgeoisie. And it was not uncommon to see in the English newspapers of the eighteenth century, ads to find lost or stolen pocket watches against a reward of a few guineas. During hunting parties, the upper middle class had, after the open dial watch, a pocket watch with a clasp to avoid any damage during a possible fall and to protect it from dust. It is said that the French emperor Napoleon, during a hunting trip, broke the middle of the clapper of his watch to read the time easily without having to open the clapper. The half-hunter pocket watch was born. But whoever invented it, the clamshell pocket watch with window is not only an aesthetically pleasing, but also a practical timepiece for everyday wear and goes well with any look for any occasion. With these different styles, this pocket watch with window is a true horological masterpiece that spans the centuries without any false notes.

What is a Half Hunter Pocket Watch ?

 Similar to the hunter pocket watch, a half-hunter pocket watch, also called half-hunter or flap watch with opening, window or porthole is a watch that has a cover with a central opening, more or less wide, which allows to read the time. The opening, glazed or not, allows to see the center of the dial with the hour and minute hands. On the flap, engravings as well as the index of the Roman or arable numbers offer the reading of the time with precision without having to open the watch.

The Half Hunter Pocket Watch comes in different styles

Like all pocket watches, the half hunter pocket watch is worn with a watch chain that matches the case. Having the same characteristics as other watches, the half hunter gusset watch comes in different styles: vintage, modern, classic, fantasy, luxury and steampunk. With a solid dial or a skeleton dial that reveals the gears of the watch mechanism, this timeless universal timekeeper crosses the centuries by keeping the design of the first watches and by enriching itself with modernism and technological progress.

What style fit with the Half Hunter Pocket Watch ?

 Contrary to popular belief, the gusset watch is not worn exclusively by men and on the vest. Worn by men but also by women, it adapts to all styles depending on the occasion and the style of the watch. However, if the style of the watch is important, the choice of the watch chain is equally important: single or double chain, Albert-T type, chain with a belt slide, a snap hook or long chain for wearing as a pendant necklace, in gold, silver, bronze or other, the color will enhance the watch and the clothing.

How to wear a Half Hunter Pocket Watch as a pendant ?

 The half hunter gusset watch or Half-Hunter is, for women a real fashion accessory that can be worn in different ways. A real antique jewel, this pocket watch with a surprising design is worn as a medallion around the neck, as a pendant. You can use an Albert-T double watch chain to hang your watch or a longer or shorter chain depending on your taste and style. It fits all styles whether you are classic, fantasy or steampunk. The numerous watch collections offer a multitude of choices of models that adapt to all occasions, daily and special events, as well as in all seasons. Revealing an elegant and refined woman, the half hunter watch will enhance your most sober or most casual outfits.

The man although he more commonly wears the gusset watch to the vest or pants, sometimes wears it as a pendant with a sturdy chain that suits his style.

Other ways to wear a Half Hunter Pocket Watch

The half hunter pocket watch can be worn in a classic style, hanging from the buttonhole of the shirt, the vest of the suit by a single or double chain. It can also be worn in a casual and chic style hanging on the pants by a hop ring or snap chain or on the belt by a belt slide chain. The gusset watch is worn with a strap or a natural or colored leather lanyard in a unique style like all types of watches.

This timeless timepiece, like all other pocket watches, has been imbued with modernity to meet the fashion and continue to cross the centuries with the image of a masterpiece of watchmaking increasingly efficient in terms of technicality. Through various articles offered by your online store, you will know how to hang your pocket watch and with what style.

The Half Hunter Pocket Watch is suitable for all styles

Collectors flock to auctions and antique stores in search of an antique watch and are passionate about all the latest in fine watchmaking. High-end brand watches, at high prices, sometimes with a priceless value, such as Patek Philippe, Omega, Rolex, Vacheron, which constitute a real investment. This is how timeless the pocket watch is and suits all styles.

The cases's color of the Half Hunter Pocket Watch

The case was made of precious and expensive materials, which explains why only the nobility wore pocket watches. The industrial revolution put an end to this supremacy! Gold and silver were the two main materials in which the antique pocket watch was made. The introduction of new materials, cheaper but of very good quality, allowed the production of pocket watches on a larger scale and accessible. The most famous brands offer cheap models but worthy of high quality watches and jewelry. Men and women can find themselves in the gold and silver cases reminiscent of the first watches. White gold, yellow gold, stainless steel, carbon, wood ... are all materials that will shape the design of the watch.

Reproducing the vintage style, the bronze and gold plating give a patina hue that suits all styles whatever the occasion.

The Half Hunter Pocket Watch: a unique and original gift idea

Buying a watch for yourself or as a gift is an original gift idea that fits nicely into a watch box or case. These accessories are easily found in the accessory section of your online store. Forget the wristwatches and think of the timeless antique jewelry that are these timepieces that have been able to bring the necessary touch of modernism to keep up with men and women's fashion. For a gift, think about the personality of the person to not be mistaken in style and have in mind that the man will be seduced, it is true by the design but also and especially by the mechanism, the woman, as for her more for the style of the fashion and prefers to have several models cheap than one. The watch with quartz movement will suit him perfectly because the battery lasts on average two years or more.

The man will favor the manual winding movement and the automatic winding movement and turn to mechanical watches for a classic and gentlemanly style. Other criteria of choice are the complications: chronometer, date, the second hand coiled in an aperture ... Whether a man's watch or a woman's watch, the half hunter watch has its followers not only among collectors but also among a new, modern public, which is attracted by this little jewel of fine watchmaking steeped in history, often produced in limited editions for the greater pleasure of collectors.