The Bronze Pocket Watch: A pocket watch with a charming vintage look

Discover through this selection of bronze pocket watches, the charm and elegance of an antique watch which, like the first watch, combines the know-how of watchmaking, the aesthetics of jewelry and a timeless elegance with a vintage and contemporary style. Quartz movement or mechanical or automatic winding, the pocket watch is worn with a beautiful matching watch chain that will enhance your style, whether classic, casual, vintage or steampunk. Like in the video game "Escape from Tarkov", search and find the bronze pocket watch that suits your style, as well as the "Bronze Pocket Watch" chain that will accompany your beautiful watch.

The Bronze Pocket Watch are refined and timeless

Why bronze? This color takes its name from its resemblance to the alloy of copper and tin, which gives it an antique brown and patina hue. Bronze ranges from yellow to slightly golden, from a light to a darker shade, giving added value to all antique objects. It dresses the case of the pocket watch to make it a beautiful watch with a chic and vintage design. Ideal to be worn in the fall-winter season, it brings a touch of warmth that harmonizes perfectly with light colors, ivory and even brown, without forgetting that refined elegance it brings to your outfit. Timeless, the pocket watch, since the first watch, crosses the centuries by keeping its authenticity but while being enriched by the various movements and currents of the history, the know-how of the clock industry as well as the evolution of science and technology.

The Bronze Pocket Watch comes in different styles and movements

From the first pocket watch, rather bulky and worn more for prestige than to tell the time, because of its lack of precision and almost non-existent power reserve, the contemporary pocket watch has been reinvented over the centuries. Enriched by the technology, science and know-how of fine watchmaking, the pocket watch hanging on its watch chain is today a beautiful, reliable and modern luxury watch. It has different styles that combine with different movements.


This type of watch has a case with a dial protected by a mineral glass that allows for quick and easy reading of the time. The Roman or Arabic numerals, the hour markers or dot markers, make a round around the dial. The hour and minute hands as well as the second hand are driven by a quartz movement, manual winding or automatic winding. The back of the watch is solid with engravings, inscriptions. The Open-Face watch can have a skeleton dial, which reveals the gears of the mechanical movement. With a bronze case and matching chain, the open-face gusset watch is a beautiful watch that is classic and timeless, although adapting to different styles: vintage and retro style, luxury, wood.

The Hunter Pocket Watch

Taking the characteristics of the open dial gusset watch with mechanical, automatic and quartz movements, the Hunter watch is distinguished by a hinged cover, which protects the mineral glass. The clamshell is engraved with floral and animal motifs and inscriptions. When opened, it reveals the dial. The bronze case is topped by a finely finished winding crown and a ring that allows the watch to be fastened with a lobster clasp.

The Double-Hunter Pocket Watch

This timepiece is the replica of the hunter's watch with a second clasp at the back of the watch, which allows to admire the workings of the watch. This timepiece is the replica of the hunter's watch with a watch mechanism. This type of watch is often skeletonized with a view of the front and back gears driven by a mechanical or quartz movement. The charm of this watch lies in the way to wear it, but also to take it, to open it to put it on time. Winding the crown to make it work and setting the time, all gestures that define a lifestyle and a timeless elegance.

The half hunter pocket watch

The particularity of this watch lies in the central opening of the clapper, which allows to read the time in an easy and fast way. Indexes, Arabic or Roman numerals are engraved on the richly decorated flap, for a reading of the time without having to open it. Its bronze case will be highlighted by the second hand, often carefully worked or fnes and classic.

The skeleton pocket watch

This pocket watch with a particular and fascinating design, lets appear the complex wheels in a dial that also offers different complications, namely, the date, the power reserve, the second hand... With a bronze case, this timepiece recalls the first gousset watches by this patinated color, slightly old-fashioned. Enhanced by a watch chain, it will sublimate your most sober outfits.

How to wear a Bronze Pocket Watch ?

On a tanned skin, antique jewels in gold, bronze and gold colors will be of the most beautiful effect. A white outfit will bring out the bronze chain and case of the bronze gusset watch, which will enhance your look with chic.Fashion accessory, the bronze gusset watch remains in the trend and gives off a chic, refined and charming look.The success of wearing the bronze gusset watch depends primarily on the profile of each man and woman, both of whom have a unique style, unique to each.

What Bronze Pocket Watch  to wear with casual wear:

Although the silver color is a preference in terms of choice, the gold color is perfectly suited to a casual outfit. So over a loose top, long necklaces and long necklaces with a bronze case pocket watch of any type: open face, hunter, half hunter or double hunter

What Bronze Pocket Watch to wear with casual wear:

The bronze gusset watch is a model that goes perfectly with dressed up clothes like a skirt or trouser suit, giving an incomparable allure to the ensemble. On a low-cut dress, the wearing of the watch will be of the most beautiful effect in pendant necklace. The man will opt to wear the watch with a chain type Albert-T and wear the buttonhole of his shirt by sliding the watch in the pocket. Or with a blazer. It is also possible with a chic outfit to wear the watch with a belt chain that will harmoniously drape the pants, the watch will then be slipped into the pocket of it.

Which pocket watch to wear with an evening outfit ?

For gala evenings or special events, such as a wedding, fashion accessories are very important. The choice depends primarily on the outfit. The bronze pocket watch will perfectly accompany your glamorous outfit by bringing a touch of refinement and elegance original and unique. It is unlikely that you will encounter two identical pocket watches at the same party.

What pocket watch to wear with a steampunk outfit ?

In the steampunk style, the pocket watch is an essential accessory of the outfit. Wearing as a pendant necklace, it can also be worn on the waist for both men and women. You will find a choice of bronze watches at affordable prices and high quality that will perfectly accessorize your steampunk outfit. The gothic style will find their ideal timepiece in this collection of watches. 


Which Pocket Watch to wear with a vintage outfit ?

With a vintage outfit, the bronze pocket watch is an ideal accessory. With a sober and classic case or a case decorated with vintage motifs, the watch worn as a pendant necklace will be highlighted on a plunging neckline or on a sweater. Prefer a long chain, like a long necklace for a very glamorous and bohemian look. Indeed, the length of the chain will highlight your jewel which can also be matched with original earrings and rings.

The Bronze Pocket Watch could be the perfect gift...

For a gift for a male collector, buy an antique bronze pocket watch with automatic movement, retro style. It is a tasteful and unquestionable choice for a unique and original gift. Opt for a pocket watch, such as a skeleton watch of high watchmaking manufacture, with a bronze case and a dial that reveals the deadhead wheels, driven by a manual winding movement or automatic movement preferably. Complications, such as the date, chronograph, second hand, moon phases... and the complexity of the mechanism are, along with the aesthetics, key factors to buy a man's watch.