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Discover our collection of men's pocket watches, these retro chain clocks are openwork and modern. Original, they are worn to stand out, to finalize a style or by passion. Admirer of mechanisms with cogwheels, the male, finds himself in the pocket watch that gives him an air of gentleman.

Wear the Mens Pocket Watches for any occasion 

No need to have a mustache or be bearded to wear the pocket watch for men, daring his style is synonymous with virility and confident of his old-fashioned lifestyle. The chain watch magnifies and imposes the tall elegant man, with a vintage look in this modern society. A retro lifestyle, neat appearance and chivalry are distinguished in the wearer of the pocket watch. Although some men wear the pocket watch around the neck as a pendant watch, it is more likely to be placed in a small pocket, vest or wallet.

The Mens Pocket Watches is a retro watch jewel brought up to date

Often with a clasp to protect the glass from unwanted scratches, our pocket watch models for men have a quartz or mechanical movement with manual winding. The precious little second hands proudly keep time by pointing to indexes with Roman or Arabic numerals. The analog display keeps the monopoly on these pocket watches, if they are not skeleton, the glass sublimates a dial with a white heart. Reading the time on these pocket watches is an advantage out of time. The crown winder is placed at 12 o'clock on the gusset watches and at 3 o'clock on the soap watches. Although our collections of pocket watches are unisex, we have selected in the category of pocket watches for men very masculine models, proudly braving courage and robustness, this being said free to all ladies and damsels to wear them too.

The Pocket Watches for men: An authentic timeless piece

Unlike women, men wear less jewelry than women. Also, he will favor quality accessories. However, jewelry has always been part of men's clothing to affirm their social status, with precious ornaments for the richest, while the most modest wear amulets. Little by little, their craze for so much jewelry has diminished. The pocket watch and the wristwatch are among the few accessories that men like to wear and are sometimes, the only jewel of the man.

The pocket watch, a true jewel of watchmaking expertise that has managed to keep all the prestige of a bygone era despite the contemporary notes brought over the years.

The pocket watch gives a classy and distinguished air and is an integral part of a set to be noticed. The watch is a jewel of choice for a gentleman whose first rule is to be always on time. The distinguished man easily completes his outfit with an antique or vintage style pocket watch or a skeleton watch that he will be proud to show off and will be seduced by a mechanical watch with manual or automatic winding. As for the pocket watch chain, he will choose it according to the case of his watch, the mechanical or quartz movement, the occasional or daily moment, his tastes as well as the way he would like to wear his pocket watch. Knowing the men's pocket watch with its different cases, styles, movements, materials and chains is important to make the best choice of your chronometer. Because if "Style is you, watches are us".

The Mens Pocket Watches: which case to choose ?

The pocket watch, a key accessory in men's clothing, must be chosen with care to perfect your look. Revealing your personality, it is also the witness of a social status and a lifestyle because the luxury watches of big brands are not affordable by all. For watch enthusiasts, the vocabulary of watchmaking is as common as their car: case, movement, complications, date, power reserve, barrel, caliber, jewels, rotor, escapement, tourbillon or even moon phase. These are just some of the elements that make up a watch and that modern man will look at in addition to the design when buying a watch. The pocket watch for men is similar to the first watches. These old watches reflect the history of watchmaking and have a real fascination for collectors and enthusiasts.

The top of the range, including gold and silver, is aimed at a wealthy clientele but new materials, such as stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, carbon, alloys, have allowed the manufacture of pocket watches accessible to all. Resistant and solid, modern pocket watches keep the old style of the first watches with these new components which enter their conception.

The cases take over the materials and reveal the dominant color of the watch, gold, silver, bronze, the bezel will determine the geometric shape of the watch. The style is inscribed in it. At 3 o'clock for the soap box watch or at 12 o'clock for the hunter watch. The winding crown is topped by a ring in which the chain is placed to hang the watch. The notched crown is a beautifully crafted piece, in line with the case.

Choose your Mens Pocket Watches among different dials model

Protected by a mineral, sapphire or acrylic glass, the dial houses the numbers and hour markers, hands, windows and counters. The time can be read by a single or double analog display. Collectors will be interested in some of the vintage watches identical to the first models, preferably mechanical watches with automatic winding or automatic movement with a large power reserve.

The hands, usually three in number: hour, minute and second hands, the small second hand, point to Arabic or Roman numerals. Depending on the model, other complications such as the date window that displays the date disc and the moon phase are added to the dial. On the dial, numerous indications, motifs and designs as well as the brand name and movement are inscribed in a classic, whimsical or steampunk manner. Line or dot markers as well as Roman or Arabic numerals allow you to read the time on a sober or printed dial depending on the type of watch.

Which model of Pocket Watches for men should you choose ?

Depending on the event you are preparing for or the ceremony you are going to attend, one type of pocket watch will be more important than another.

This type of watch exerts a total fascination on enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. How to remain insensitive to these centuries of history, to the know-how that combines industry, science and art. Through its skeleton, one can admire on the front and/or back side, the complications, the tourbillon mechanism, the minimalist cogs of the watch mechanism animated by a mechanical or quartz movement. The rubies, diamonds or other precious stones are visible and it is possible to estimate the value of the watch, if it is a luxury watch, a brand watch, an antique watch...

Open-Face watches allow you to view the entire dial and access the time quickly and available windows. This type of watch was the reference for railway workers to synchronize the departure and arrival times of trains. Lépine watches (open face) have no cover. 

The so-called "hunter" case offers the best protection to the pocket watch, with a metal cover, solid or "half hunter" protecting the glass and dial from scratches and shocks. Pressure on the crown allows the flap to open at the 3 o'clock side when its hinge is at 9 o'clock (the "soaps") and at 12 o'clock when its hinge is at 12 o'clock (the "hunters"). The models are available in all styles and it is possible to have an inscription of your choice engraved on the inner and outer flap, front and back according to your choice.

The double-hunter pocket watch has the same principle as the hunter watch, with the addition of a second cover opening to the back which is, depending on the model, full, half-hunter or open-face.

Also known as a half-hunter or half-savonnette, this timepiece has a small window in the middle of the cover so that the time can be read without having to open the cover. On some watches, the center opening of the clamshell is both forward and backward, making them sublime timekeepers.

Which movement of Mens Pocket Watches should we choose ?

Depending on how you use your pocket watch, a mechanical or quartz movement will be more advantageous with your lifestyle. Let's discover below the different movements found on pocket watches.

Mechanical Movements

A mechanical timepiece is powered by the winding stem, which has an S-shaped spring located in the barrel drum or gear wheel that will store energy and distribute it to all the gears. When the spring disarms, it triggers the barrel which drives the rotation of the entire gear train, whose speed is regulated by the balance wheel.

Quartz Pocket Watches

These pocket watches are battery operated and unlike mechanical watches are very accurate. The attractiveness of this type of watch is its price which is less expensive than the mechanical watch.

What Mens Pocket Watch color should I choose ? 

The color of the case and chain is primarily a matter of taste. The golden color, such as gold, is preferred during official events, silver will bring a chic note during weddings but also with dressy city outfits or even daily. Depending on your outfit, bronze, silver steel or carbon black, it is up to you to choose the ideal color to match your watch to your style. Thus, the gusset watch and its chain in black carbon, will be perfect with a steampunk style.

Which Chain to hang with the Mens Pocket Watches ?

Hanging the pocket watch requires choosing a chain suitable for its style, the occasion. An indispensable and traditional accessory of the pocket watch, the chain whatever its style brings the ultimate touch of elegance to your look. Although necessary to keep your watch within reach and prevent your watch from falling off, the pocket watch chain is a real jewel with its different styles, meshes, sizes, lengths and colors. Your timepiece should be slipped into the side pocket of its attachment point (belt loop, for example). The length of the chain, the style and the color of the links will influence the final touch, which will bring an exclusive and remarkable touch to your look. Delivered with the pocket watch, the chain of the timepiece is usually matched with it. However, it is possible to change the chain and shake up the dress codes by combining gold and silver or to have different types of chains in order to be able to marry them on various occasions, thus giving a new look to your pocket watch.


This chain consists of a T-shaped bar, which slips into the buttonhole to hold the chain in place, and a snap hook or spring ring to hold the pocket watch that will be slipped into a pocket.

The classic Albert-T chain is ideal for pairing with a vest or jacket. The buttonhole holds the bar in place, allowing the pocket watch to be attached to the other end, which can then be tucked away in the chest or side pocket.

It can also be worn with jackets and double-breasted vests for even more charm. Another possibility is to wear it with a cardigan with pockets in order to slip in the watch.


This type of chain is identical to the single Albert-T chain, the difference is a second chain that will hold a medallion or any other object precious or not. This type of chain is positioned on both sides of the vest. At the central point, there is sometimes a chain, called "the drop", at the end of which is suspended a precious or semi-precious stone or a jewel of your choice. The drop is also found on the Albert-T single chain.

The Albert-T Double chain is ideal to wear with a vest, a three-piece suit.


This chain is made of a spring ring fastener that closes on a belt loop, a buttonhole or a bag handle as well as a carabiner fastener to hold the pocket watch. The bolt ring chain attaches to the belt loop of the pants to store the watch in the pocket. A bolt ring offers greater flexibility and can also be attached to the buttonhole of your vest.


This type of chain has different links from one model to another with different lengths and weights. It consists of clasps that allow you to wear the pocket watch as a pendant around your neck. Pendant woman yes but the pocket watch in pendant man who was worn at another time, is also nowadays. It's all about style and taste!


Made up of a carabiner clip for the pocket watch, the chain holds a "lobster claw" at the other end which is positioned on your pants or belt to hold the chain throughout your activities. The watch is slipped into your pocket and quickly accessible.

What style to adopt with the Pocket Watches for mens

In the era of new technologies, where the connected watch is a great success and becomes widespread, it is undeniable that pocket watches are among those fascinating accessories that leave no one indifferent at an official event by a gentleman or in a more casual setting. Singular the pocket watch allows to stand out with style. Whether you are an amateur or an enthusiast, the toothed wheel mechanism captivates and seduces, whatever your look. Although the pocket watch is unisex, there are classic, steampunk, fantasy and luxury models with masculine features, which we classify in the men's collection for a quicker choice.


The classic way to wear a pocket watch is for a gentleman to attach his watch to a single or double Albert-T chain, depending on your preference. In either case, they are traditionally attached to a vest by a specific vertical buttonhole. The majority of today's vests are not designed with the watch hole feature, due to the decreasing number of people who wear pocket watches. However, with the resurgence of fashion and vintage jewelry, we are seeing the watch hole become more and more popular again. For those who don't have the ability to use the above feature, you can attach the chain in one of the buttonholes of your vest before buttoning it.


If you are nostalgic for a bygone era and have a preference for anything that reminds you of a bygone era, then the vintage watch is the watch for you. With its bronze or antique silver case and matching Albert-T chain, the vintage pocket watch is a successful blend of functionality and aesthetics.

The Mens Pocket Watches for a timeless style

In addition to the old-fashioned and refined charm that it brings to your clothing whatever it is, the pocket watch allows you to stand out with style. The pocket watch Chasseur or Double-Chasseur, requires opening the clapper to read the time, unlike the bracelet-watch where the reading is immediate. This gesture is a gesture, almost a ritual, which reveals the elegance and know-how of the gentleman: slowly pull the chain attached to your watch to make it come out elegantly from your vest pocket. With the other hand, take it, and with a delicate and slightly theatrical gesture, position the timepiece in front of your eyes and then read the time carefully, without hurrying. This simple ritual will draw attention away from you... and from this singular chronometer! The starting point of an inevitable discussion! The elegance continues with the winding of your timepiece, where all eyes riveted to you succumb under the charm emanating from a watchmaking jewel whose history goes back in time untiringly.

Our Pocket Watches for men are great gift idea

Whether you wear a wristwatch on a daily basis, the classic pocket watch to be worn as a pendant watch or hung on your vest, is one of those little mechanical wonders that every modern man must have in his wardrobe.

The sale of antique watches or watches of great brands, such as a gold or white gold watch, makes it possible to find a watch in perfect condition for the male collector, at affordable prices even if they remain expensive. Some criteria to take into consideration when the opportunity to buy a pocket watch arises, such as the display (digital watch, analog), the movement (mechanical with manual winding, automatic, quartz watch), dual display, the color (pink gold, silver color, with engravings (personalized inscription or not). Is the pocket watch for a social event or for everyday wear? Depending on these different elements, choose from different styles of watches.

Thus for a sporty man, a durable sports watch with a steel case (black or silver steel). A pocket watch is an original, unique and timeless gift that requires time to make the right choice.

The choice of the watch chain, inseparable from the watch, will be made according to the style of the watch or the way of wearing it, either as a pendant necklace, or at the waist or on the vest. Some, if not most, watch models come with a matching chain but there is nothing to stop you from changing it. However, the pocket watch can support different interchangeable chains that allow you to adapt your pocket watch to any occasion. You can also, with the chain, offer a watch holder or protective case for daily wear.

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Your style will influence your choice of pocket watch - steampunk, fantasy, classic - but there's no reason why you can't take a look at the watch collections that will help you innovate your look. The new modern watches are affordable and therefore accessible to all budgets. Whether it's a chronograph watch, a wooden watch, a luxury watch or even a connected watch, today's watches are finished in a way that rivals men's watches with gold cases. So if you want to adopt the chic "dandy" style, whether it's a second-hand watch -antique gousset watch- or a modern "fancy" watch, there's no time to lose to have your watch in your pocket or as a pendant necklace.