Steampunk Pocket Watch: A Timeless Collection

The steampunk pocket watch is a style that brings together the aesthetics and technology of the 19th century with fantastic and futuristic elements such as the novelist Jules Verne and his futuristic submarine the Nautilus. His acolytes, the steamers and vaporists, made it a real art of living, they venerated steam as the master of energy to the detriment of electricity. Thus, the steampunk pocket watch praises the industry and the steam engines of the English countryside of 1880.

The Steampunk Pocket Watch is adorned with industrial materials & moderns case

Reading the time on this science fiction and fantasy pocket watch is a matter of prestige and good taste in retro craftsmanship. This watch pendant is as much appreciated by vintage and modern collectors of pocket watches as by disciples of the Steampunk movement. Pulling this Victorian era watch necklace out of a small pocket is a testament to the good taste and elegance of gentlemen and ladys. The Steampunk pocket watch collection is made of an alloy of metals and stainless steel "the Anglo-Saxon stainless steel" protected against rust and blackening of the case. The back of the antique pocket watch can be either solid with a Steampunk engraving, factories, industrial manufacturing objects, fantastic objects or transparent such as a skeleton watch revealing its mechanism with time keeping wheels. By the way, if you like Dark and sober design, you can check our Black Pocket Watch collection.

Steampunk Pocket Watches for Men and Women 

Unisex, steampunk pocket watches can be adopted as the first watch for women often fitted as a pendant necklace or hanging from the vest. Although the male gender is more attached to wristwatches, the steampunk pocket watch for men is in full revolution thanks to the modern gentleman's style. No need for a leather strap for the Steampunk pocket watch, it can be worn around the neck, in a vest, even a wallet or other, just like Steampunk the imagination is the only limit to wear this pocket watch. In Gold, Silver or Bronze our pocket watch are all unisex.

The authentic charm of the Steampunk Pocket Watch

Far from ordinary models, steampunk pocket watches are elegant and daring timepieces that defy all. Much more than its timekeeping function, steampunk pocket watches are above all true jewels and works of art that reflect your personality and add a unique and singular touch to your outfit, while testifying to a significant era in history. They can be classified as a mix between Antique Pocket Watch and  futuristic look. Indeed, The "Steampunk" style is a mix of creativity and technology, with a touch of the Victorian era. The skeletonized pocket watch is sometimes considered a steampunk watch, but this is not the only criterion, because true steampunk pocket watches, besides the apparent gears, resemble works of art of the 19th century with advanced mechanical technology. The pocket watches are distinguished by their futuristic, vaporistic gears that rival the knowledge of the greatest master watchmakers.

Features of a Steampunk Pocket Watch

A steampunk pocket watch offers a certain elegance and charm unique to steamppunk. There are various elements that characterize the steampunk pocket watch to classic chain watches. Here are the main characteristics that distinguish a steampunk pocket watch.

The general style of the Steampunk Pocket Watch

The steampunk pocket watch is characterized and distinguished by a futuristic, vaporous design, combining retro, vintage and luxurious style with a case worthy of watchmaking expertise. The case is richly decorated and often in relief, with a design of steam engines or other futuristic and vaporist decorations, of all shapes -rounded, octagonal-, which allow a glimpse of the cogs of the watch mechanism driven by manual or quartz movements. For a Hunter or Double-Hunter gusset watch, the cover fascinates with its singular style and when opening it, one cannot but be captivated by the complex gears visible from the dial, even before reading the time.

The Steampunk Pocket Watch Case

The case often takes on the look of the Victorian pocket watch, the color of brass with a slight patina for an authentic look. I| can be gold, silver, bronze, alloy, stainless steel or wood for nature lovers. Depending on the precious or semi-precious metal, the price of the watch will vary with an indeterminate range. The case is topped by a notched winding crown, usually located at 12 o'clock, which allows the setting of the hour and minutes as well as the manual winding of the mechanical pocket watch.

The Steampunk Pocket Watch Dial

The second hand, in the center of the dial, makes its tireless rounds and points to Roman or Arabic numerals or dot or line markers. The analog display can be simple or doubled. The gears are visible through the transparent glass that protects them. The watch mechanism is driven by different types of movements.  

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