Discover the Vintage Pocket Watch for gentleman

There's no denying the charm and vintage appeal of the classic pocket watch. Choose from beautiful bronze, gold or silver antique models. With a wide selection of Vintage, Antique or Retro pocket watches, we have pocket watches that are suitable for both business and pleasure. Most of our pocket watches are soap opera style, with a clamshell to protect the hands or dial.
The revisited classics of this collection of antique pocket watches for women and men offer a distinctly retro style to this wonderful piece of jewelry.

How the Vintage Pocket Watch came back into fashion ?

Watchmakers turn back the clock with modern Antique Pocket Watches.

Chances are you no longer wear a watch to tell time. You probably use a smartphone or IPhone now. 

This is even more true for the pocket watch. Not only does this timepiece belong to another era, but it requires a type of ostentatious operation (not a furtive glance at the wrist to see when your tedious meeting will end). The pocket watch appeared in the 16th century and was largely supplanted by the more practical wristwatch after World War I (so much more practical in combat and, subsequently, in life), but it refuses to be discreet. The Antique Pocket Watch is timeless. There is something very special about owning a vintage pocket watch. They remind us of how things used to be, a tangible link to our ancestors who wore them with pride.

Vintage Pocket Watches are back

There is definitely a vintage charm to wearing an antique pocket watch. In recent years, it's joined the hipster boom of sculpted hair and three-piece suits and vests like Peaky Blinders or even Sherlock Holmes. Once the vest is brought back, you find the possibility of wearing a vintage pocket watch in your little pocket.

There are basically two types of Antique Pocket Watches: those with an open dial, where the glass is immediately visible, so you can see the dial at any time and thus see its Roman numerals or Arabic numerals pointed by its hands to tell the time; and those of the Savonnette style, with a hinged metal cover protecting the glass, which is opened by pressing the winding crown.

On our website Vintage Pocket Watch we offer a wide variety of pocket watches to satisfy your desires. We all have different tastes and that's why you can choose from many different colors such as Silver Pocket Watch, Black Pocket Watch, Gold Pocket Watch and more... But wait, colors is not the only differentiation element. The style and materials of your Pocket Watch is also an important point which is why we offer collections of Mechanical Pocket Watch, Wooden Pocket Watch or Steampunk Pocket Watch.

Antique Pocket watches are no longer needed to tell the time, but rather an accessory or status symbol. Unlike in the past, when men wore a pocket watch to tell the time, today most men own a pocket watch as jewelry or as part of their collection or as a family heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Why buying a Vintage Pocket Watch ?

So who buys antique pocket watches these days? Collectors will want to buy the best examples they can afford to fill gaps in their collection. Investors buy them based on their potential for profitability at a later date. Individuals buy them for themselves or for someone else, usually to mark a special occasion such as a retirement, birthday, wedding, christening, birth, achievement: a perfect gift idea. Very often, they are purchased for all these reasons.

Today's well-groomed man or woman, in his or her three-piece suit or beautiful dress, with a pocket watch, has everything of the modern man or woman. Fashions may change, but "style is style" and he will always stay away from the latest fashions.