Aluminium Black Pocket Watch Box

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A watchmaker's know-how and craftsmanship

Stylish and sturdy, this Pocket Watch Box features a solid Black Aluminum alloy.

Perfect for a successful pocket watch gift, this durable case also keeps the crystal scratch-free and protects the movement from dust when the pocket watch is not being worn.

The inside of the box has a comfortable foam pad on which the pocket watch will rest safely. The lid has a transparent viewing window to admire the watch once the case is placed on a table for display. Its black metallic alloy gives it a modern and sophisticated touch that 21st century gentlemen and ladies will appreciate.

Features of the Aluminium Black Pocket Watch Box:

• Protects from dust
• Protects from moisture
• Secure closure
• Heavy duty reinforced aluminum
• Resists wear and tear over time
• Resistant to falls
• Soft interior
• Protective padding
• Type: Watch case
• Material : Reinforced aluminum
• Case shape : Hexagonal
• Color : Silver
• Height : 8.0 cm
• Diameter: 10.2 cm
• Width: 10.2 cm