Charming Phoenix Pocket Watch

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A watchmaker's know-how and craftsmanship

You want a new start ? Treat yourself to this Charming Phoenix Pocket Watch ! 

Check out this vintage and Charming Phoenix Pocket Watch🔥🐦

Behind the flamboyant phoenix is a delicate white dial in the center of which you can observe its bewitching watch movements.

The legendary phoenix is a large bird, a bit like the eagle. Radiant and shimmering, it is brilliantly colored in red, purple and yellow, as it is associated with the rising sun and fire. His eyes are blue and shine like sapphires. It builds its own pyre or funeral nest and lights it with a single flap of its wings. After death, it rises gloriously from its ashes and flies away.

Charming Phoenix Pocket Watch features:

• Movements: Mechanical (hand-wound)
• Gender: Female
• Case diameter: ø 1.85 in / 47 mm
• Buttons: 1 winding button
• Display type: Analog (hands)
• Specificity of the display: Roman numerals
• Chain length: 14.5 in / 37 cm
• Color: Bronze or Silver
• Dial Color: White
• Material: Stainless steel, does not blacken, does not rust
• Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds
• Style: Feminine, Vintage