Double Albert Pocket Watch Chain Silver

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A watchmaker's know-how and craftsmanship

Secure your Pocket Watch with this Double Albert Pocket Watch Chain Silver with spring clasp !

Protect your pocket watch with the Double Albert Pocket Watch Chain Silver

This double silver pocket watch chain easily matches the case of your pocket watch, while highlighting the openwork or uniform clasp and back. On a pocket watch without a clasp, the dial, with its analog display and Roman or Arabic numerals, pointed by second hands, will be enhanced and sublimated by the watch chain, in shiny silver. Avoid dropping your mechanical pocket watch, which is more sensitive to shocks, and protect it by attaching it to this sturdy and reliable watch chain.

Wear the Double Albert Pocket Watch Chain Silver for a chic look

The double chain adds a refined and elegant touch to your look. It's up to you to choose your style by how you wear the double chain. The double chain attaches to your pocket watch with one end and the other to the buttonhole of your vest. The watch is placed in the pocket of your vest, the decorative chain is then highlighted.

Wear the Double Albert Pocket Watch Chain Silver with its pocket watch in different ways

Another way to wear it! The chain can be looped around a button after it has passed through the buttonhole, which is the most beautiful effect. It is also possible to attach your pocket watch by fastening the chain to the belt or the eyelets of the pants, the watch is in the pocket.

The remarkable quality of the Double Albert Pocket Watch Chain Silver

This silver pocket watch chain with T-bar fasteners and spring clasps will look great with your smart and dressy outfits as well as your casual ones. A pocket watch chain to change the chain of your original watch as often as you want and according to the style you want to adopt. Of very good quality with an excellent quality/price ratio, the white pocket watch chain is the ideal accessory for a new pocket watch at a low price, obtained just by changing the original chain.

Features of the Double Albert Pocket Watch Chain Silver:

• Length of the chain: 17.32 in / 44 cm
• Weight of the chain: 41 g
• Types of fasteners: Clasps with spring, T-bar fastener and snap hook
• Pocket watch chain material: Stainless steel