Eye Pocket Watch

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A watchmaker's know-how and craftsmanship

Open your mind with this Mechanical Eye Pocket Watch!

Delightfully sculpted with an eye, this pocket watch is available in two colors. Once opened, it lets you discover a sumptuous mechanical movement that will lull you into meditation with its Tic-Tac sound.

The third eye is our ability to see what could be, to see the potential, it is the higher intuition.

Have you ever wondered how to open it? How to access that sixth sense. The Third Eye is a natural part of every person and with this pocket watch, help you open this energy center fully and in a balanced way!

Features of the Eye Pocket Watch:

• Movements: Mechanical (hand-wound)
• Gender : Unisex
• Case diameter: ø 1.85 in / 47 mm
• Buttons: 1 winding button
• Display Type: Analog (hands)
• Type of hands: Leaf hands
• Specificities of the display: Arabic numerals
• Chain length: 14 in / 36 cm
• Color: Bronze, Grey or Silver
• Dial Color: White
• Material: Stainless steel, does not blacken, does not rust
• Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds
• Style: Natural, Creative