Gold Plated Pocket Watch Chain

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A watchmaker's know-how and craftsmanship

This Gold Plated Pocket Watch Chain brings style to your watch.

It will hold your watch with its belt loop and carabiner clips. 

Gold pocket watch chain with belt loop and snap hook

This gold pocket watch chain is made of gourmet mesh. Made of stainless steel, strong and reliable, this pocket watch chain is ideal to preserve the glass of your mechanical watch from any shock. The fasteners are the same color as the chain and consist of a beautifully crafted belt buckle and lobster clasp. This pocket watch chain is essential and useful to attach your pocket watch to your outfit. Its gold chain allows you to change the look of your pocket watch, while securing it. Watching the time on its dial with second hands pointing to Arabic or Roman numerals is, with its chain that falls, a stop on time.

This Gold Plated Pocket Watch Chain matching the case of our gold pocket watch, steampunk or wooden watch

This gold pocket watch chain in gourmet mesh is a trendy and practical fashion accessory. Gourmet chains remain classic and timeless. The ends of the pocket watch chain are composed of a very design snap hook to hold your watch and on the other a carefully worked belt loop slide to attach the chain to a trouser loop or any other attachment point, according to your taste and style. A chain length of 36.5 cm is suitable for wearing your watch according to your style.

The Gold Plated Pocket Watch Chain, an essential fashion accessory practical and aesthetic

The chain, an indispensable element of the pocket watch, must be refined and chic to highlight the style of the watch, from feminine to masculine. The pocket watch with its stainless steel case and clasp shows the time through a protective mineral glass. The dial reveals hands with Arabic or Roman numerals, beautifully inscribed and driven by a mechanical or quartz movement. The buckle above the case serves as a point of attachment of the chain to the watch, the other end of the chain is attached to the handle of the pants.

Features of the Gold Plated Pocket Watch Chain:

• Length of the chain: 14.37 in / 36.5 cm
• Type of fastener: Clasps with lobster clasps and belt zipper
• Pocket watch chain material: Stainless steel
• Mesh type: Curbed mesh