Gold Pocket Watch Chain

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A watchmaker's know-how and craftsmanship

Securely attach your Gold Pocket Watch Chain with this snake mesh belt buckle chain ideal for the waist.

Gold Pocket Watch Chain in snake mesh with belt buckle

This gold pocket watch chain, made of snake mesh, is an essential and useful accessory to attach your pocket watch to your outfit. With this beautiful chain sublimate and transform the look of your pocket watch. With its attachments on both sides of your outfit and pocket watch, you will be guaranteed not to lose your pocket watch and be able to read the time at any time with ease and speed. The finely crafted fasteners consist of lobster clasps and belt loop slides to ensure the safety of your pocket watch. The mechanical movement watch glass, which is more sensitive to shock, will be protected from falling and breaking.

Change your look with this Gold Pocket Watch Chain

This stainless steel pocket watch chain is a trendy fashion accessory that suits both men and women. The beautiful links are made of snake mesh. Combined with gold, they add a chic and luxurious touch to your pocket watch. The ends of the pocket watch chain consist of a carabiner clip to hold your watch and a belt loop slide to attach the chain to a trouser loop or any other attachment point, depending on your taste and style. A length of 39 cm also suitable for wearing your watch as a pendant if you want to change your look and style. 

Features of the Gold Pocket Watch Chain:

• Length of the chain: 15.35 in / 39 cm
• Width of the chain links: 0.39 in / 10 mm
• Type of attachment: Snap clasp and belt buckle slide
• Pocket watch chain material: Stainless steel