Mechanical Pocket Watch Mandala

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A watchmaker's know-how and craftsmanship

You will not travel without your Mechanical Mandala Pocket Watch.

Inspired by mandalas, this pocket watch will act as a talisman to bring harmony and clarity to your daily life. What could be more harmonious than the movement of the hands to the sound of the mechanical movement of this accessory.

The meaning of the word mandala in Sanskrit is circle. The mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. The circular designs symbolize the idea that life is endless and that everything is connected. The mandala also represents the spiritual journey within the individual!

Features of the Mandala Pocket Watch:

• Movements: Mechanical (hand-wound)
• Gender : Men's
• Case diameter: ø 1.85 in / 48 mm
• Buttons: 1 winding button
• Display type : Analog (hands)
• Specificity of the display: Roman numerals
• Chain length: 14.5 in / 37 cm
• Color: Bronze
• Dial Color: Gold
• Material: Stainless steel, does not blacken, does not rust
• Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds
• Style: Zen