Mechanical Pocket Watch Merkabah

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A watchmaker's know-how and craftsmanship

Go from one dimension to another with this Mechanical Merkabah Pocket Watch!

Inspired by the Merkabah, this mechanical pocket watch has all the makings of an interesting conversation piece in addition to telling you the time.

"Mer" means Light, "Ka" Spirit and "Ba" Body. Thus, Merkabah means the Spirit/Body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of Light. Counter-rotation means that the ascending tetrahedron rotates counter-clockwise and the descending tetrahedron rotates clockwise, forming a divine orb of light.

Merkabah Pocket Watch features:

• Movements: Mechanical (hand-wound)
• Gender : Unisex
• Case diameter : ø 1.85 in / 47 mm
• Buttons: 1 winding button
• Display Type: Analog (hands)
• Type of hands: Alphas
• Specificities of the display : Roman numerals
• Chain length: 14.5 in / 37 cm
• Color: Bronze
• Dial Color: Black
• Material: Stainless steel, does not blacken, does not rust
• Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds
• Style: Vintage, Geometric