Pocket Watch Belt Pouch

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A watchmaker's know-how and craftsmanship

Discover this Pocket Watch Belt Pouch with crocodile Leather.

Ideal for storing the pocket watch, protecting the dial from broken glass and the movement from harmful dust, this specially designed case can be worn on the belt.

For a successful gift and dare a stylish way to wear the pocket watch, this case accessorizes chic, classic and casual outfits. For men and women, this leather case allows the wearer to enjoy an authentic timepiece in all situations without necessarily wearing the chain watch with a vest or pants.

Features of the Pocket Watch Belt Pouch

• Storage for the pocket watch
• Protects the glass from scratches
• Protects the movement from harmful dust
• Protects the mechanism from moisture
• Allows the pocket watch to be worn on the belt
• For men and women
• Length: 3.14 in / 8.0 cm
• Width: 2.55 in / 6.5 cm
• Diameter: 1.97 in / 5.0 cm
• Depth: 1.18 in / 3.0 cm
• Colors: Black leather, Black crocodile leather, Red crocodile leather
• Material: Leather P.U.