Pocket Watch Chain Bronze

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A watchmaker's know-how and craftsmanship

The Antique Pocket Watch Chain Bronze is your ideal ally to attach your Pocket Watch, to store it safely and to protect it from any shock!

A bronze chain for pocket watch with secure fastening

This steel pocket watch chain with snail links has strong, stylish and practical fasteners to hold your watch. With its carabiner and belt loop clips, which connect your pocket watch to your vest or pocket, depending on your preference, you will be sure not to lose your pocket watch. You can take your watch out at any time without it falling to the ground. Reading the time by taking your watch out of your pocket is a gesture of elegance and refinement, while enhancing the style of your watch.

The Pocket Watch Chain Bronze with snail links is an essential fashion accessory

This stainless steel pocket watch chain in darker or lighter colors is a trendy fashion accessory to wear your pocket watch. It is suitable for both women and men. The links are designed in snail mesh. The ends of the pocket watch chain consist of a lobster clasp on one side and a belt loop slide fastener on the other, which is ideal for attaching to a trouser loop or other attachment point. A 37.5 cm length of chain that adapts to the way you wear your watch.

A bronze chain with perfect attachments to protect your pocket watch

This steel chain easily matches any pocket watch case. Whether your watch has a clasp or is just protected by a clear mineral crystal. The chain enhances the openwork or uniform case back as well as the dial. Whether your pocket watch is classic or vintage, the chain will accompany it with style. With a mechanical or quartz movement, the second hands, guardians of time with its Arabic or Roman numerals will be in harmony with this stylish and original chain.

Stylize your wooden pocket watch, luxury or steampunk with this Pocket Watch Chain Bronze 

This steel pocket watch chain will be perfect no matter what type of pocket watch you have and when you wear it. A steel pocket watch chain to change your original, steampunk, classic or luxury watch chain. Have several chains to change your style as often as you like and according to your outfit. Of very good quality with an excellent quality/price ratio, the steel chain for pocket watch is the ideal accessory to give the impression of owning a new pocket watch at a low price, obtained just by changing the original chain.

Features of the Pocket Watch Chain Bronze 

• Length of the chain: 14.77 in / 37.5 cm
• Weight of the chain: 50 g
• Width of the chain: 0.28 in / 7 mm
• Type of attachment: Spring clasp and snap hook
• Pocket watch chain material: Stainless steel
• Mesh type: Snail mesh