Pocket Watch Holder

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A watchmaker's know-how and craftsmanship

This Pocket Watch Holder allows you to display Pocket Watches.

Modern and colorful, this pocket watch display is light and practical. With its square and sturdy base, this display stand can be used to showcase the pocket watch when it is not being worn. Space-saving, it sits on your dresser or shelf with ease and chic.

Features of the Pocket Watch Holder:

• Keeps the pocket watch on display
• Position on a flat surface (desk, shelf, dresser, nightstand)
• Allows for storage of pocket watch when not in use.
• The base is removable.
• Type : Pocket watch display
• Colors : Silver, Gold, Pink, Black
• Material : Stainless Stell
• Width : 4.5 cm
• Length : 6 cm
• Weight : 78 g
• Height: 11 cm