Pocket Watch Pouch Leather

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Pocket Watch Pouch Leather

Ideal for giving a personalized pocket watch gift full of attention, this case can accommodate both a chain watch and a traditional wristwatch.

Made of genuine colored or raw leather depending on the color chosen, this little pouch has a double snap closure that is easy to slip into your pocket or bag pocket.

For storing the pocket watch when not in use, this original, fully customizable case protects the timepiece from scratches to the glass and from dust that could damage the movement.

Features of the Pocket Watch Pouch Leather:

• Protects from dust
• Protects from moisture
• Easy snap closure
• Genuine leather case
• Resists the wear and tear of time
• Comfortable storage
• Soft interior
• Holds: pocket watch, wrist watch, chain,
• Type: customizable pocket watch case
• Material: P.U. Leather
• Color: Red, coffee, navy blue
• Height: 2.56 in / 7 cm
• Length: 5.9 in / 15 cm
• Width: 2.56 in / 7 cm