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Mythical, aesthetic, charismatic, emblematic... The watch with automatic movement is about to reveal all its secrets. Without battery, it is a must for purists.

This is also what makes this watch more ecological and economical than its counterparts. It lasts longer than Quartz watches and can withstand extreme temperatures. In short, you will have understood, the automatic watch has many advantages. But if we write this article today, it is not really to praise its merits. Instead, let's focus on its history and operation, by sifting through all its components.

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The origin of the Automatic Pocket Watch

Born in the early 20th century, the automatic movement was invented by an English watchmaker, John Harwood, in 1920. This system was based on the use of a weight that rotated 180° back and forth when the wearer moved, with a power reserve of 12 hours. In 1930, Rolex improved this system with a semi-circular weight, fixed in the center of the movement for 360° rotations. The power reserve increased to 35 hours. Interesting theory, but what does it mean in practice? It's time for you to shed some light on this little technological marvel.

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The Automatic Pocket Watch is powered by an Self-Winding Movement

Mechanical self-winding pocket watches are automatically wound by the movement of the wearer's wrist. With what is called a "rotor" (a semi-circular weight attached to the movement) which can turn 360° according to the movement of the wrist and which, thanks to its automatic mechanism, allows the winding of the barrel spring thus providing mechanical energy to the watch. The automatic perpetual movement can also be wound manually. But this will not be necessary, as long as the watch is worn regularly.

Since the automatic movement has no electronics, the automatic watch is considered to be the most environmentally friendly.

Aesthetically, mechanical watches often show their mechanisms through a transparent case. Because of this, they are a bit more vulnerable to shocks.

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