The Classic Pocket Watch: An elegant piece of art

The classic pocket watch is indulged in a retro and simple universe as worn by our ancestors. The sober lines of the elegant case accessorize beautiful 2 or 3 piece suits. Worn with a vest, pants or around the neck, the classic pocket watch advocates utility over sophistication. Blending vintage with modern, the classic pocket watch is the ultimate gentleman's watch.

The Classic Pocket Watch is a timeless piece

Thanks to these classic pocket watches, you can go back in time and accessorize yourself ! These women's and men's pocket watches are traditional and elegant and remain timeless despite the passage of time!

The Classic Pocket Watch is retro-style timepiece with a long history

The first pocket watch was invented in 1500 by Jules Audemars and his partner Edward Piguet who later became famous watchmakers. In 1882, they created their luxury watchmaking foundation Piguet & cie, which is also when the name pocket watch really came into use.

Initially, these watches were designed without glass and the hands were protected by a cover with flaps. These models of pocket watches sometimes called universal timepieces had no resemblance with what we know today.
And it was in 1550 that the design of this watch became rounded and flattened to resemble modern pocket watches.
In 1600, this watch has conquered many followers who will participate to make it known. Thus Charles II of England makes it discover during his numerous trips abroad.
They are at their peak in the nineteenth century, before being gradually replaced by wristwatches in the twentieth century.
Today, this antique watch is back in fashion, combining the modernity of the movement with the design of the antique.

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