Mechanical Pocket Watch

Mechanical Pocket Watch: the pocket watch with authentic watchmaking mechanisms

For the ultimate in classic style, check out our collection of mechanical pocket watches. Also known as a self-winding pocket watch, it has a mechanical movement powered entirely by its own internal mechanism, which requires an exceptional level of craftsmanship and skill. The mechanical pocket watch is the timepiece for true lovers of watches and watch mechanisms. To complete your look, choose a pocket watch chain that will perfectly match your way of wearing the pocket watch.

Match an authentic chain watch with your mechanical pocket watch

The mechanical pocket watch is a measure of time that has managed, despite centuries of progress, to retain its authenticity and still exerts a real fascination today with a timeless design and style. Choosing a mechanical pocket watch reveals an art of living, an elegance that is confirmed by the pocket watch, whether it is worn as a pendant necklace or hung on a jacket. The choice between a mechanical watch and a quartz pocket watch depends on your preferences first and foremost. Other factors include precision, reliability, longevity, maintenance and price. Whether for men or women, the pocket watch is a timepiece that requires you to take your time to make a good choice. Two main types of movements power the pocket watch: the mechanical movement and the quartz movement. The latter has the advantage of precision because it uses a battery as a power source. Less expensive than mechanical pocket watches, quartz watches do not require maintenance, except for changing the battery after 2 to 5 years of use. The quartz pocket watch is less popular than the mechanical watch which is the favorite of collectors and watch enthusiasts, despite its higher price, their greater fragility to shocks and their less reliable accuracy. The mechanical movement pocket watch is a timepiece whose energy is distributed by a spring wound in a barrel. Indeed, a mechanical watch, even a big brand, such as Seiko or Tissot, loses a few seconds per day, due to the mechanism. So why such a craze for the mechanical pocket watch?

The Mechanical Pocket Watch is a timeless piece

To understand the craze for mechanical pocket watches, we need to delve into the history that begins in the 15th century with the invention of the royal spring by Peter Henlein in Nuremberg, which allows the manufacture of miniature pieces. Abraham-Louis Breguet (1è47-1823) watchmaker assigned to the French royalty was in search of the "perfect perpetual movement". During his meetings, he enriched his knowledge to find a solution to balance the effects of gravity on the regularity of watch movements. After his death, his discovery of the rotating movement, which allowed to find a balance between the balance wheel and the balance spring during the oscillations, was improved by other master watchmakers, who used several tourbillons. The first portable watches appeared and were worn as pendant necklaces or stored in a small bag. The industrial development allowed very quickly the improvement of the watch mechanism. Symbol of social status, the cases are richly worked in brass, the dials display only one hand and are not precise. The greatest master watchmakers and goldsmiths have shown creativity, know-how and aestheticism to design pocket watches that are powerful and timeless models and full of mechanical complexity. Admiring the gears and cogs of the watch through an Open-Face or Chasseur type skeleton watch is both seductive and fascinating. The mechanical watch takes on all styles: from the classic watch to the steampunk watch and all materials, from gold to the wooden case. Thus, the mechanical wooden watch is made for nature lovers. An original piece, the wooden gusset watch is a unique piece that seduces all those who are in an ecological approach.

The different types of Mechanical Pocket Watches:


The open-face pocket watch has a mineral glass to protect the dial from any dust, shocks or falls. The analog time display is visible as well as the movement of the time hands and the second hand, on a dial that can be skeletonized, where you can see the gears and red serrated watch or classic or different styles, such as fantasy, steampunk, vintage or very sober. Chronometer less used in everyday life for fear of damaging its glass during certain activities, the pocket watch is nevertheless worn gladly on special occasions for the refinement it brings to the look and release. Theses type of watch are usally ornated with a Bronze Style.


The first robust version of the old watch to protect the glass during hunting parties, the clapper opens by pressing the winding crown located at 3 o'clock for the "Savonnette" watch and at 12 o'clock for the "Hunter" watch. Men and women choose this timepiece to finalize a retro vintage style or to offer, on a special occasion, a new watch -or first watch- for an original and unique gift. This type of watch has a full or transparent back of the tourbillon, the oscillating weight ... in short all those elements that participate in the functioning of the mechanical timepiece and that animates a it is allowed to admire the caliber and discuss the escapement, the spring of the barrel, discussion between men.


The double hunter pocket watch has two covers, front and back, which can be placed on a desk and turned into a miniature clock. The pocket watch with automatic or manual winding caliber is part of the luxury watch industry which is very popular with connoisseurs. In the evening, for a wedding or other exceptional event, the double-Hunter pocket watch is the perfect accessory to stand out and adopt a chic and original style of a gentleman or a lady asserting her personality. Matched with a single or double Albert-T chain or a spring ring chain, the way to wear your pocket watch depends on your taste and style of clothing.


With an automatic or manual winding movement, the half-hunter pocket watch has the same characteristics as the hunter case pocket watch, with a difference in the cover. This last one has, indeed, an opening in the center, letting appear the hands facilitating the reading, with a double display at the level of the dial and the cover. This type of watch avoids the systematic opening of the flap. A fashion accessory, it can be worn as a necklace or hung up and can be worn in any style. The choice to wear a half hunter watch, whether vintage, gothic, classic, steampunk, fancy or luxury gives you the assurance of having a real timeless jewel and the affirmation of your style.


The mechanical pocket watch: an authentic and timeless jewel

With the pocket watch, saying that "time is money" is almost a smile! Taking out your watch from your pocket, opening the clapper if it is a Hunter pocket watch, or even a Double Hunter, then reading the time, closing the clapper and putting it away takes a few seconds, in an era where everyone is running after time, where every second is precious! The pocket watch is a true art of living. A sign of distinction, it is perfect for a chic man and a classy woman for whom fashion is above all a style.

Yes, the mechanical pocket watch has all the charm of another time, claiming the expression of a refined elegance almost unreal in our modern society. A beautiful pocket watch is like the pleasure of owning a beautiful car: we take pleasure in looking at it, in showing it off. A small ritual, which we know will draw attention to the elegance of the gesture: take the chain to pull the pocket watch out of the pocket. With the other hand, take the watch slowly, delicately open the clapper... and read the time The distinction is almost inseparable from this timepiece!

The winding of the pocket watch is also a moment of pleasure that every mechanism lover appreciates. This universal timepiece is suitable for all types of cases: Open-Face, Hunter, Double-Hunter, Half-Hunter as well as for all styles: vintage, classic, steampuk, luxury, fantasy, modern. The color of mechanical pocket watches can be classic with gold, silver, bronze but also, stainless steel, carbon or wood that constitutes the case. Silver or gold color with more or less vivid shades are the predominant colors of the pocket watch and its chain.


Mechanical Pocket Watch is a gift idea for all occasions

The mechanical pocket watch is a perfect gift: original, unique and authentic! For a collector, you can find a second hand watch, an antique pocket watch, men's watch or women's watch, sold at auction at affordable prices. Or if you can afford it, find a watch from a major brand, which offers chronographs with precious metals and dials with multiple complications. As a gift idea, it's a good idea to turn to less expensive materials, such as gold-plated or stainless steel, which are more affordable but just as strong and resistant.

Today's pocket watches, identical to the old jewelry, are beautiful watches that appeal and that you can own several models in different collections in view of their accessible price. So why not look into a silver case? A luxury case that combines vintage style with luxury and modernity is a gift of choice for both men and women. Sublimated by the skeleton of the watch, whose moving mechanism animates the second hand and guards the time. Open-faced with the back revealing the gears and cogs, this pocket watch is a perfect and attractive gift.

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