Wooden Pocket Watch: When nature meets watchmaking

Since time immemorial, man has been shaping objects into ornaments, using elements from nature: shells, bones, animal teeth, ivory and wood. A noble element, wood has the particularity of making each object unique. With its veins, its more or less light colors, each watch made of wood is unique. The dial is usually carved from the branch and still has the drawings of the tree's sap rings. Discover our exceptional collection of wooden pocket watches, ideal for nature lovers and retro trends.

Description of the Wooden Pocket Watch

The pocket watch is made of different woods, such as mahogany, ebony, which gives the watch its own color. Seductive, the wooden pocket watch combines refinement and craftsmanship. Each model requires high-tech know-how combining science and the passion of watchmakers, and is the subject of countless hours of work with meticulous finishing.

The Wooden Case: a model that mixes aesthetics and watchmaking knowledge

The wooden case has a rounded shape and is also available in a variety of more modern forms. The wooden case holds the bezel and the mineral or acrylic glass or the sapphire glass, depending on the model, which will protect the dial from shocks and scratches. Topped with a swivel ring to hold the watch chain and a crown that sets the time and sets the watch mechanism in motion, the multiple wood case is polished with meticulous finishes. The solid back is usually fixed by screws.

The Dial of the Wooden Pocket Watch 

On the circumference of the dial, Roman numerals or Arabic numerals indicate the time thanks to the hour, minute and second hands. Beautifully worked, these hands are sometimes true masterpieces of watchmaking art. Double circle, dot or railroad markers are also drawn on the dial. Complications in windows adorn the dial depending on the type of watch: the second hand, a date, the power reserve. The wooden skeleton watch is a very beautiful watch that reveals the chronograph wheels of the watch mechanism driven by a mechanical or quartz movement. The aesthetics of the gusset watch includes the whole: case, winder, chain and dial. The wooden bezel will bring the ultimate touch of refinement to the black or white dial and enhance the printed, engraved or colored dial.

The Wooden Pocket Watch Chain

A must-have for the pocket watch, the wooden watch chain is available in different materials and colors to match your wooded timepiece. In precious materials, gold and silver, white gold and yellow gold, the chain comes in other semi-precious materials, solid and robust, with more affordable prices, which allows you to change often chain and give a touch of novelty to your wooden pocket watch. In alloy or stainless steel, gold-plated steel, black steel

Movements of the Wooden Pocket Watch

Our wooden pocket watches have quartz, analog, mechanical and digital movements. Some of them are also available with Bronze or Silver touch. The metal chains, stainless steel, gilded bronze, bring an extra chic and elegant touch to this portable clock. Like the first watches, the wooden pocket watch has a manual winding movement that requires regular winding of the watch with the push button, which also allows to set the time.

The Wooden Pocket Watch comes in different styles

The wooden pocket watch comes in different styles with an open face case, "Open-Face" or a half hunter model, also called "Half-Hunter", which allows you to read the time without having to open the clapper, thanks to the central opening on the hinged cover and on which is inlaid an analog time display. The pocket watch is also available as a double hunter pocket watch or as a hunter pocket watch, 'Hunter watch' which has a clapper protecting the sapphire or mineral glass.

The Wooden Pocket Watch for Men

The first models of pocket watches are real antique jewels and are sold at auction. They are highly sought after for the mechanical winding movement which exerts a great fascination on the man always in search of the complexity of a mechanism, a powerful car engine. Pocket watches produced in limited editions by famous watch brands are expensive, at exorbitant prices but which make the happiness of men, who prefer to invest in a beautiful watch of great value rather than having several fancy ones.

The wood will enhance the dial. For a man of classic style, a perfect gentleman, the luxury watch from a mechanical or automatic movement, will bring to his classic and chic outfits the ultimate note of refinement and elegance in all occasions, whatever the season. Its gusseted watch will be worn in a classic way with a vest or a suit but also at the waist thanks to a gold or silver chain, belt slide type or single or double Albert-T chain. For a casual style, or a retro style, choose a wooden mechanical gusset watch, with a "half hunter watch" clasp, whose dial is protected during activities.

You want to buy a watch to mark an important event, the men's pocket watch is an ideal gift idea. The men's watches are real gusset watches that defy time, while combining contemporary modernism, watchmaking know-how and the advance of high technology and science. Depending on your budget you can choose an antique watch, soap type, prized by the collector and connoisseur. A luxury watch with complications and an automatic movement made by a great manufacturer or a second hand watch in perfect working order, bought at auction. You can also buy an elegant watch, not very expensive, identical to the old gousset watch but reliable with semi-precious materials. Some models, unique and original in style, are exceptional with beautiful finishes and only collectors are not mistaken about their authenticity and real value.

The Wooden Pocket Watch for Women

The modern women's pocket watch is elegant, chic and refined. It is available in different styles to bring the ultimate feminine and original touch. Discover the women's collection with timepieces that respect the environment and reveal the craftsmanship of the noble material that is wood.

What style of dress should you adopt with the wooden gusset watch? As a pendant necklace around the neck, the wooden pocket watch will enhance with style your neckline or a plain outfit to highlight this ancient jewel. With pants, a dress or a skirt, you can wear your pocket watch with a single or double Albert-T chain matching the case or the dial or your outfit. Whether it's for a dressy or casual style or a vintage look, the wooden pocket watch brings the ultimate touch of elegance and originality.


The Wooden Pocket Watch is for nature lovers

The wooden pocket is not just a style, it is a real lifestyle between modernity, luxury and vintage. It often combines the human industry is that of Mother Nature. The supremacy of the digital world has not yet completely passed over the wooden pocket watch, to the delight of collectors and fans of these crisp little pocket dials with chains. Elegant, they are beautiful watches. From classic watches to fancy watches, from mechanical to automatic or quartz movements, these timeless timepieces have not finished surprising us in modern collections but reminiscent of the old watch. If the wristwatch still has its followers with branded watches, steel watches of great brands, the wooden pocket watch reconciles us with history and makes us discover or re-discover old watches, ancestors of the wristwatch. The wooden pocket watch is a jewel watch and a modern and timeless fashion accessory that goes with all styles. Unisex or in men's or women's watch collections, the wooden pocket watch is part of a collection to be discovered without further delay.

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