The Antique Pocket Watch is a retro pocket watch with undeniable charm

Retro and chic style, the vintage style has the nostalgia of the past years while being impregnated with contemporary notes. Colors and patterns offer a multitude of possibilities and give off a glamorous and chic side that is very feminine but also masculine. Worn around the neck as a pendant watch or hung on your clothing like an old watch, the vintage pocket watch adds style to your look. A unique style that enhances your most sober outfits by playing on the delicate mix of vintage and contemporary. Adopting the vintage style is also a state of mind that plunges us with nostalgia in the past, a past marked by carefree. The vintage style takes over the pocket watch and brings it more than ever to the taste of the day, while providing a certain and distinguished charm. A pocket watch to relive great moments for some and for others a pleasant discovery. Choosing a vintage watch is a safe choice that appeals to both women and men in their quest for authenticity.

The characteristics of the Antique Pocket Watch for men and women

A vintage pocket watch is characterized by its aged and old case, its dial with retro charm, its old crown and its mechanical movement, most of the time with manual winding. But a pocket watch with an antique look has several characteristics that make its charm exceptional and that we will discover below. Want to open your mind to different style ? Discover our collection of Wooden Pocket Watch or Black Pocket Watch

The Antique Pocket Watch's  case

The case of the vintage pocket watch is made of bronze, gold, brass, silver or other materials with a patina and old look to make it look old, like the case of a well finished antique watch. Its color gives a charming look to the case topped by a winding crown located at 12 o'clock or 3 o'clock depending on the type of pocket watch. The winding crown allows you to set the hour and minute hands of the chronograph. To do this, lift the crown slightly, then turn it until the hands are positioned at the correct time. The crown is topped by a ring into which the chain will slide. The bezel that surrounds the case is either rounded, oval or octagonal or any other shape and will be the element determining the shape of the watch.

The Antique Pocket Watch's dial

The dial of the vintage set watch has a visual purified sometimes, but most often drawn with talent taking back graphics, patterns or illustration of a time p sé but by incorporating contemporary notes, which seduces the woman with the glamour style, retro style and bohemian. These are beautiful watches that women like to wear as pendants around their necks and are real jewels that enhance an outfit. The main elements of the dial are the hour, minute and second markers, represented by Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, lines or dots, sometimes even a combination of several of these elements. This numbering varies from one watch to another with surprising and very chic designs ranging from the most sober and classic to the most complex. Some dials have several windows with specific functions: chronometer, power reserve, chronograph. The date is also available through a window positioned at six o'clock. Some dials are also bordered by a graduated tachymeter scale, useful in measuring the speed of movement of a moving body. The hands, the famous small second hand and timekeepers are elements of the dial that are often beautifully decorated or adopt a fine and elegant design, depending on the model. The dial is one of the most important criteria in the choice of a woman's watch. The analog display is a classic display that gives a nicely worked and sometimes original vintage touch, with very often, a demarcation of the small second.

The movement of the Antique Pocket Watch

In addition to the style, ranging from the skeleton watch, Open-Face to the double-clap pocket watch, the movement of the watch will determine the purchase of the watch especially for connoisseurs. Thus, to buy a mechanical pocket watch is to appropriate the charm, the elegance and the know-how of the greatest master watchmakers. A lifestyle that the gentleman chooses with ease and that the woman adopts with refinement. Whether worn as a pendant necklace or hung on a jacket, men and women will find their style among the different types of antique and modern watches, but also according to their preference of movement.



The mechanical watch uses a mechanical movement composed of a complex series of springs and gears that together produce, store and release the energy necessary to power the watch. This watch movement requires daily winding to keep the pocket watch running. Winding your pocket watch is simple. Just turn the winder located under the ring that holds the chain, usually located at 3 o'clock or 6 o'clock, until you feel a little tension. Be careful, you should never force it, as this could damage the mechanism of the watch. The little trick is to make winding your watch a daily ritual so that you don't forget to wind your pocket watch. When you wear it or when you put it down, would be an ideal reference point. However, if you forget, know that these mechanical watches have a power reserve, more or less long depending on the model.


The quartz movement pocket watch is a reliable and high precision model thanks to its battery which uses an electronic quartz oscillator to measure time and generates continuous energy. The battery has a lifespan ranging from two years to five years depending on the model, its use and the number of compilations that will increase the energy requirement. Practical and precise, this type of quartz movement is not, however, the choice of the initiated who prefer automatic watches with more complex workings.


The mechanical self-winding pocket watch produces energy through the movements of the wearer. The retor or mass balances perpetually. This type of watch can also be wound manually if the watch has not been oscillating and is worn for a long period of time. Buying an automatic watch means wearing a watch that combines watchmaking expertise, jewelry and the ancestral soul of the gusset watch. Some pocket watches feature a Swiss-made automatic movement with high precision, quality oscillation frequencies and a power reserve of up to 48 hours. These types of watches are part of the haute horlogerie.


An essential accessory of the antique pocket watch, the chain comes in different models that will give various styles and looks. For men or women, the watch chain completes the pocket watch and enhances your outfit. To choose the ideal chain for your vintage pocket watch, knowing the different types of chains is the basis to perfect your look. Depending on how you wear your pocket watch: on your waist with a protective case, or on your vest or around your neck, the chain will be different.

The pocket watch chain is made of a chain with various links (snap link, forçat link, snake link, navy link...) of variable size and length, with clasps of different types at the ends. Whatever the chain, it matches all pocket watches. Note that the chain can be replaced by a ribbon, a scarf or a leather strap that can be in the loop of pants for a casual style.

Some elements will be decisive in the choice of your chain for your pocket watch, such as the material (gold, silver, nickel, alloy) the color (gold, silver, bronze, shiny, patina) the weight of the chain in line with the size of the links and the length of the chain, the style of clothing (dress, pants, suit) as well as the resistance of the chain if it is worn daily.

The ideal is to have several watch chains, shapes and colors, in order to wear your pocket watch with all styles. The rule of not mixing gold and silver is no longer applied today. The dress codes are shaken up and we dare to associate gold and silver in a classy way. Thus the silver color can be linked to the watch by a silver buckle but also gold for a chic and retro look.



This chain is made of a "T" shaped bar designed to slip into the buttonhole of your vest, jacket or shirt. The watch is slipped into the side pocket. These single and double chains sometimes have a chain called "the drop" at the end of which you hang a medallion, an accessory of your choice or charms, to sublimate the whole. ALBERT-T DOUBLE WATCH CHAIN The Albert-T double chain is the version of the Albert-T single chain but enriched with an additional chain, which allows to hang at one end the pocket watch and at the other end charms or small accessories, such as a small knife, a precious stone, a medallion.


The chain consists of a lobster claw type fastener that will be positioned on the belt of your pants or your belt, and the watch will be inserted into your pants pocket. With this type of chain, you can also hang a protective case in which your pocket watch will be. This way of wearing your pocket watch is suitable for a casual style, practical for everyday activities.


This chain has a spring clasp and a snap hook to hold the pocket watch. It attaches to your pants, a buttonhole, whatever your style. Versatile chain, with multiple colors and design, it adapts to your activities and can be worn around the neck depending on its length. As a choker or necklace, the pocket watch can be worn as a man's pendant or as a woman's pendant and enhances your outfit.

The Antique Pocket Watch for women

The case of the pocket watch for women is slimmer, with geometric shapes that follow the trend, vintage bronze colors obtained by alloys or antique and patinated silver. The vintage case soaks up the trends with refinement, highlighting prints and colors according to the seasons so that women can always be at the forefront of fashion. The dial is adorned with floral motifs or prints and colors that refer to a bygone era, but which has all its charm. Blen that the pocket watch is unisex, some models correspond more to a feminine than a masculine profile. Women like to adapt their accessories to their outfits. For this reason, she prefers the pocket watch with quartz movement. To adapt to change, several chains of various sizes, colors and shapes must be part of the female wardrobe.

The Antique Pocket Watch for men

Men are looking for performance, quality and aesthetics. While the woman will follow the trend and own several models of watches, the man will rely more on technology, even if he must own only one watch. Owning a luxury watch is a dream for connoisseurs. Such as Vacheron Constantin which is known as the 'most complicated watch in the world engineering wonder' with 57 complications. A true masterpiece with over 2,800 parts. It is built using micro-mechanics and features gears and complex parts to make it a state-of-the-art technical watch. A model of excellence!

To bring change and adapt to fashion, the modern man will then play on the chains to combine them with his pocket watch, giving it a new style, as well as on the way to wear his pocket watch, on the vest, on the jacket, hung on the pants in a protective case. The case of the vintage pocket watch for men should be a luxury chronograph that he will wear with refinement and class. Gold or silver, the case takes its color from the material used, precious like gold or silver, or semi-precious with alloys, nickel. The color gives off a vintage air that brings all its charm to the men's watch. The dial of the watch has either a sober and classic design or is impregnated with vintage style with prints reminiscent of the past.

For special occasions, the vintage pocket watch will be hung on the vest with a single or double Albert-T chain. For everyday wear, a chain with a belt slide or spring ring will be ideal for a chic, casual and classy look. The man will opt more for a mechanical vintage pocket watch with manual or automatic winding movement for reasons of technical prowess related to the watch mechanism, where he can admire the gems, the caliber, the gears. The man is as much attracted by the engine of a car, as by the mechanical watch that has fascinating complex workings. A beautiful watch is the object of lively conversations during meetings between friends or a way to start a discussion during chance meetings. The mechanical vintage watch is highly valued for its durability and is considered a true masterpiece of watchmaking.

The Antique Pocket Watch is both for Men & Women

For men or women, the vintage pocket watch keeps the authenticity of the first watches with the watchmaking know-how while appropriating the high technology. A true masterpiece of the greatest master watchmakers and goldsmiths, the vintage pocket watch exudes the charm and discreet elegance of the past without looking old-fashioned or outdated. A style that suits both women and men without a false note provided you combine the chain, the timepiece and your outfit.

Worn as a pendant or in a protective case or with a double Albert-T chain, the vintage pocket watch, a timeless fashion accessory, is an exceptional model that can be the object of a gift idea. Whether it is a branded watch or a second-hand watch for luxury watches, the semi-precious material pocket watch, made of stainless steel or alloy, remains a so-called fantasy watch, within reach of all budgets and which allows you to own numerous models, from vintage to steampunk or classic. With its unique style, the vintage pocket watch is an excellent choice for a gift for oneself or to offer.