Why buy a Pocket Watch Leather Case 

To store your pocket watch in a case which is especially reserved for him, will enable you to protect it against the various shocks of the daily life.

Indeed, at Vintage Pocket Watch, we always advise our customers to store their watch in one of their pockets alone (without keys, coins or other objects).

Why do we do advise Pocket Watch Leather Case to every Pocket Watch owners

Simply because it can happen that other objects come to collide with the watch. This can lead to damage that is sometimes irreversible (knocks, shocks, scratches, etc.).

But don't worry, that's why we have put at your disposal several accessories for pocket watches, which will allow you to accessorize your outfits, while taking care of your timepiece !

Our Pocket Watch Leather Case are what you are looking for !

Exquisitely sized and convenient to carry, ideal for storage or travel, these cases have a snap to allow you to hang it on your belt. The Pocket Watch Leather Case is the best way to carry your timepiece and protect it from scratches or damage.

The Pocket Watch Leather Case mix protection and style

Discover the pocket watch in its protective leather case enhanced by the silver chain. Sober and elegant, the leather case for pocket watch has a notch to be able to hang it on the belt of his pants. Wearing your pocket watch in a case at your waist is another stylish way to take your pocket watch out in style and read the time at any time.

Surprise your entourage by taking out your watch held in our Pocket Watch Leather Case. Black or brown, choose the leather case color that suits you.

Features of our Pocket Watch Leather Case

✔ Keep your Pocket Watch safe
✔ Convenient to carry
✔ Designed for al types of Pocket Watch
✔ Leather Material
✔ Can be worn on any occasion
✔ Free standard delivery